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Welcome To Sunnies World, The Sunnies Brand's Biggest Store Ever!

It's a 260 sqm. retail space that combines their four brands: Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Face, and Cup Point

Sunnies continues to redefine the retail space experience in the Philippines.

From introducing quality, stylish, and affordable sunglasses via Sunnies Studios to the local market about six years ago, the company has since evolved to become a fashion and lifestyle empire that includes Sunnies Café, a brunch-to-dinner, coffee-to-cocktails hangout spot; Sunnies Specs Optical for prescription eyewear; Sunnies Face that offers cruelty- and paraben-free, experts-approved makeup; and Cup Point that is designed to be a cool in-store café for clients who are waiting for their purchase at Sunnies Specs Optical.

Now, from the trendsetting and enterprising crew of husband-and-wife team Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee Jr.Martine Cajucom-HoGeorgina Wilson, and Jess Wilson comes another endeavor that will surely be a go-to shopping destination for gathering all their cult-fave products: Sunnies World.

The 260 sqm. store (Sunnies' biggest store ever!), located at the 3rd floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall, combines four of their brands⁠—Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs Optical, Sunnies Face, and Cup Point⁠—in one well thought out, beautifully designed space that took inspiration from modernist architecture. For all of Sunnies' stores and hangout spots, it's always a given that irresistibly perfect Pantones, dreamy pastel color schemes, and great lighting to best highlight the products and enhance those in-store selfies await their customers. The case in Sunnies World is, of course, no exception, with the bonus of some design elements that altogether make the visit to the store a fun and visually satisfying shopping experience.

Sunnies Studios | Photo by Cara Tirona
Sunnies Studios | Photo by Cara Tirona
Sunnies Studios | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz

Metro.Style talked to Sunnies Studios' Gabs Azarcon and Martin Yambao to give more details about Sunnies World:

#SUNNIESWORLD is five years in the making. How has the style sensibility of the Sunnies brand evolved through these years?

"We started Sunnies Studios with the idea of bringing accessibility to quality products and design. In the six years since we started with sunglasses, our company has grown to include a full lifestyle: from prescription eyewear, cafés, specialty coffee and makeup."

How is that evolution mirrored in the whole concept behind this new flagship store?

"Sunnies World is about giving our consumers and fans of the brand an immersive experience and a new way to enjoy all our brands in one thoughtfully edited retail space."

How big is the store exactly? How long did it take for the store to be finished? What were the challenges experienced during construction?

"Sunnies World is our biggest store yet. It's 260 sqm. with a 14-foot wide store frontage. The design process took a few months, but it took years of experience of designing retail spaces to create Sunnies World. We combined our collective knowledge as a team of what works and made our dream space. Construction took a few months as well."

Sunnies Specs Optical | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz
Check out this cool limestone discovery table at Sunnies Specs Optical | Photo by Cara Tirona
Sunnies Specs Optical | Photo by Cara Tirona
Cookies milkshake at Cup Point | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz
Waiting area in Sunnies World | Photo by Cara Tirona
Sunnies Specs Optical's first in-house lab | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz

What were the initial design requirements of the core team?

"We were mostly inspired by modernist architecture–expect lots of curves, soft corners and unconventional shapes, from a rough limestone discovery table to the extra large ceiling mirrors in each room."

What is the idea behind the store's design? How long did your team decide on the layout of the store?

"We wanted to design a maze-like space that encourages free movement and playfulness. Our goal was to create a retail experience that seamlessly flows from one brand to the other. We've spent years developing each of our brands so we wanted to make sure that each of them had their own moment and identity expressed through three separate portals entering into each space.

"The space is designed almost maze-like so the customers can choose their own entry and are guided throughout the space intuitively by the design. In the center, you will find Cup Point, which serves specialty coffee and milkshakes. This space is particularly special because we’ve found that people love to sit and lounge in our spaces, especially while waiting for their eyewear—Sunnies World introduces our new prescription service where you can get your eyewear in as fast as 20 minutes. Sunnies World has the first Sunnies Specs Optical to feature its own in-house lab."

Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano, and Eric Dee Jr. at the press preview of Sunnies World | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz

Who is the interior design team you collaborated with for this?

"Sunnies World was a collective effort by our amazing in-house design team and directors."

In a nutshell, describe #SUNNIESWORLD.

"#SUNNIESWORLD🌐is a new way to experience all your favorite brands in our flagship store."

Where does Sunnies go from here?

"Our next goal is to go international! It's been our dream for a long time and we're working hard to make it happen."

Scroll through the gallery below to see more photos of Sunnies World: