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Is Stefano Gabbana ‘Hyping’ Rumored Supreme X Dolce & Gabbana Collaboration?


A quick glance in Dolce & Gabbana co-founder Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram stories will show you his busy 24 hours. Beginning with what looks like a shoot in Dubai, strolling in the market place with models in tow, next he is driving blissfully in New York, as the concrete buildings cruise past him in a sunny day. Then, as if in a build-up, his stories flash a screenshot with the text, “Dolce & Gabbana X Supreme”; the next stories showing similar screenshots of different reposts of the same announcement.


Stefano has since regrammed 3 posts from streetwear fan accounts, all announcing the possible Fall/Winter 2018 collaboration between the high-fashion Italian label, and the American streetwear cult-classic. No official statements from Dolce & Gabbana, nor Supreme, have been made as of yet. This ambiguous, informal announcement from Stefano seems unheard-of for a high-fashion label, but it does signal a closer appeal to streetwear trends as it implements the hype-strategy of “the drop”.




Popularized by streetwear brands like Supreme, “the drop” is a relatively new sales-tactic in fashion, which supercharges the hype of a limited-release collection. Announcements are typically made in social media, which is then aggressively shared across other accounts of fans, followers and influencers, like an echo chamber buzzing for days. By the time of the release, retailers can often expect ques in store, and a sell-out within a day.


Streetwear with its hype-based tactics have made such an impact on fashion and retail that collaborations with luxury brands are quickly becoming the norm. Some of the most memorable and lucrative collaborations include Adidas X Alexander Wang, Vetements  X Manolo Blahnik, Off-White X Jimmy Choo, and of course Supreme X Louis Vuitton.



Given Dolce & Gabbana’s colorful, festively feminine touch to the runway, it’s almost unimaginable to see what street-style rendition this could inspire with Supreme (if confirmed). But then again, with drones in the runway and a push for more out-of-the-box prints, the Italian fashion brand is noticeably pushing the boundaries as of late—hence a new sense of excitement.




Lead photo from @outpump