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Jodi Sta. Maria Shares 3 Fashion Tips When You’re Travelling To A Desert Destination

Travelling as it is can be quite challenging. From making sure that you’ve packed everything you need (and more) to catching long-hour flights that may inevitably cause jetlag, looking glam can seem like a heavy feat for some. Even Jodi Sta. Maria, who recently took a trip to Sedona, Arizona to test-drive H&M Studio’s freshest drops, admits the hassle that international getaways may bring. “When you’re travelling, there’s so much to think about,” she exclaims, as we chat with her at an intimate event at the H&M showroom last March 19.



In case you’re travelling anytime soon, we gathered three easy fashion tricks from Jodi that would bring out the “Glam Explorer” in you:



1. Comfort is key.

As a self-confessed white-tee-and-jeans type of girl, Jodi’s top priority when it comes to planning her travel wardrobe is comfort and functionality. “It’s important to bring a lot of the basics,” she says. Her go-to color palette is composed of whites, blacks, and nudes, which is “easier to pair with anything.” The actress has the tendency to veer away from outfits that may only look good on Instagram but impossible to carry in real life.


2. Don’t limit your fashion choices.

When the H&M crew asked Jodi to tag along to their trip to the American Southwest and presented a selection of fashion-forward pieces in earthy tones and bold animal prints, she reveals that she found it “intimidating” at first. “I was like, ‘Really, I have to wear all these?’ I felt that it’s not me,” she mentions.


But looking at her Insta-worthy outfits, one can bet that Jodi soon eased into her “Glam Explorer” persona amidst the rocky terrains and desert landscapes in the state of Arizona.


“I realized that [trendy pieces] could actually work, and it gave me a new perspective to explore more [in terms of dressing up.]”



From oversized utility jackets to safari-print maxi dresses, it’s evident that Jodi has found the perfect balance between functionality and elevated style when it comes to her travel wardrobe. Against the backdrop Sedona’s geological wonders, her newfound sartorial confidence shone through.



3. Pack according to the weather.

While Jodi pushes for rediscovering one’s fashion identity, this globe-trotter has one practical tip up her billowing sleeve, and it’s to consider the destination’s weather and climate before planning your travel wardrobe. “It’s my first time in Arizona, and my preconceived notion towards the place is that it’s a desert,” Jodi shares. “So I brought shirts in thin fabrics because I thought it would be warm!”





But, to her surprise, it was pouring when they arrived, and the temperature even dropped to -2 degrees. Jodi suggests that double-checking the weather in your destination should always be at the top of your pre-travel checklist, so you can pack accordingly and come prepared from head to toe.



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