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EXCLUSIVE: Julia Barretto Hired A Stylist For Her Travel OOTDs—Here's Why You Should, Too!

Flying across the world to explore new places is always exciting, but preparing your travel wardrobe is another story. And busy Metro women can attest to this fact!

Rummaging through closets and boutique racks for comfortable yet stylish outfits isn't a walk in the park, especially for ladies with hectic schedules. For fashionista jet-setters, a lot of things are considered when packing for a long trip—the weather, the itinerary, and of course, the location. In today's digital media world, taking Instagram-worthy photos is necessary, which makes matching your outfits' color scheme with the destination a must. 

Celebrity and social media influencer Julia Barretto knows exactly what we're talking about. The Kapamilya star recently made waves on Instagram after a luxurious trip to Mexico, Cuba, and Peru. Aside from the picturesque places she visited, her covet-worthy wardrobe was also the talk of the town. From floral coordinates to monochromatic orange ensembles, Julia's outfits seriously gave us summer fever!


Julia has celebrity stylist Cath Sobrevega to thank for her double tap-worthy looks. The busy actress hired the stylist to come up with outfits for her South America getaway, and the results were gorgeous. Personal stylists come in handy, especially for women who don't have enough time to shop and style their own clothes. Not only is it a sure way to come up with memorable OOTDs, but it also saves you time, and helps you discover more about your personal style.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Cath shares everything you need to know about hiring a personal stylist for a vacation getaway. Keep scrolling!


Cath Sobrevega, celebrity stylist | Photo: @cathsobrevaga


Metro.Style: How long did you prepare for Julia Barretto's looks? 

Cath Sobrevega: Julia told me about her South America trip probably just two weeks prior.


MS: What was your inspiration behind Julia's outfits? 

CS: For her trip, I was thinking Brigitte Bardot and her perfect bikinis, and the simple cute dresses with short hemlines she wore in her vacation photos back in the '60s and '70s. I just wanted Julia’s look to be timeless, veering away from trends and sticking to a signature style that’s still very her. I think that was evident in her photos. I love how Julia was able to share her raw and authentic side to all of us.



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Photo: @juliabarretto


Photo: @juliabarretto


Photo: @juliabarretto


MS: How did you pack her outfits?

CS: Julia was so busy that she left all the packing to us. I packed Julia’s outfits per country, so there were three sets (Peru, Mexico, and Cuba). I took photos of everything and then made a powerpoint presentation that became her guide throughout the trip.


Cath Sobrevega packed Julia Barretto's outfits per country

MS: How was your collaboration with Julia like?

CS: Over the years of working with her, we were able to build a good rapport. She doesn’t even need to tell me what she wants—I just get her [style]. For this trip, she told me she wanted colors and I just took it from there.

Photo: @juliabarretto


Photo: @juliabarretto


MS: How did you feel when Julia posted her covet-worthy travels wearing your looks?

CS: I was really kilig, especially since every one was raving about Julia’s travel OOTDs. Every one was living vicariously through her, and I’m just so happy I'm part of it. It was crazy how Julia was making so much noise on Instagram while she was in South America! 

Photo: @juliabarretto


Photo: @juliabarretto


MS: What's the process for a woman to hire a stylist for her travel looks? How long should she and her stylist prepare for it?

CS: This one is case to case basis. Usually, for non-celebrities, we discuss details of the trip, then I work on her outfits. Then we schedule a fitting—sometimes we even shop together for this. But for my celebrity clients who have busy schedules, sometimes we don’t fit anymore. I just prepare a bunch of looks then send the clothes over to them. I know my clients have so much on their plate already, and the last thing they want is to stress over their clothes. That’s where my styling services come in.

Photo: @juliabarretto


Photos from @juliabarretto