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Kendall Jenner Is The Face Of Longchamp's Spring/Summer 2019 Eyewear Collection

As of press time, Kendall Jenner ranks 13th on the most followed people on Instagram list, which makes her a great celebrity to be the face of brands. Since last year, Kendall has been an ambassador for French luxury brand Longchamp, and up until this season, she continues to grace their campaigns with her effortless style and grace. 


Photo: @longchamp


"Effortless", a word we can use to describe Kendall in a world of a dime a dozen models, celebrities, and influencers. Her style is something you can't deny—she immediately transforms something as simple as basic lingerie, and gives justice to the most opulent couture creations. Her versatility makes her a credible ambassador, and with this partnership with Longchamp, she is able to reinforce the value of 'effortless worldliness'. 


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Photo: @longchamp


"I think there’s this synergy between the term ‘world citizen’ and Longchamp. To me, a world citizen is someone who wants to share more of an understanding of different cultures. With Longchamp, while the collection always has a touch of the Parisian, it is something that can be worn around the world, by women who support this idea’.—Kendall Jenner


Check out the pieces from the Longchamp Spring/Summer 2019 collection below:



Take a peek at what went down behind the scenes at Longchamp's "The Ride" campaign video shoot:


And check out "The Ride" by Longchamp, starring Kendall Jenner:


Lead photos courtesy of Longchamp