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Kim Jones’ “Archetype” Highlights Relationship With Louis Vuitton


Earlier this week, renowned digital creative Kim Jones made her directorial debut with the video short “Archetype”, which she released on her Instagram account and website. Although barely a minute-and-a-half, the short is loaded with atmospheric finish and movement, making it a moving fashion editorial on its own.

According to Kim, this film short is a “natural progression” of her of her work; having started with a blog, which eventually evolved into an editorial website, Kim has since dabbled into other projects (mostly digital). “Directing has always been a dream of mine—always", she says. “It’s something very unfamiliar for me, and as a person I am drawn to that unfamiliar.”

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Viewers who may have been mystified by the narrative of the short need not worry; “Archetype” does not really have a straight narrative. Rather, it is an amalgam of many inspirations from Kim, namely the cult classic book and film adaptation of “Picnic At Hanging Rock”, plus Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book “Women Who Run With Wolves”, and last but not the least, Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection.



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“I asked Louis Vuitton if they were willing to provide the wardrobe, and we sort of developed a concept on the collection that I witness first-hand in the Louvre”, Kim explains. “The timing was just perfect! Everything sort of fit into place.”

Kim herself admits that she has a long way to go in terms of honing her directorial experience, but convincing the French luxury brand get on board “Archetype” was a breeze. “I have an amazing, amazing relationship with Louis Vuitton, and I think they’ve been so open and so welcoming to the idea of creating and collaborating. By far, I guess, [Archetype] has been the greatest, most rewarding and fulfilling for me as a creative.”

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Kim’s connections to Louis Vuitton go as far back as 2012 to 2013; since then, she’s had multiple pull-outs, shoots and fashion shows attended on behalf of the brand. “Louis Vuitton was the first house that really reached out to me, to work as a partner.”, she recalls. For “Archetype”, she was given full decision on the wardrobe, after just showing the brand team her story board. “[Louis Vuitton] have always been so supportive, and they understand the benefits of bringing in these two minds to create something new.”



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Can we expect to see more digital shorts from Kim then? Absolutely, she says. “I’m so blessed to be able to do this.”, says Kim, whose notable luxury house collaborations have allowed her to travel, see the world and experience the world of fashion. More than a social media sponsorship, she is able to truly innovate with luxury authorities like Louis Vuitton. “I think it’s these partnerships that really allow me to explore who I am as a creative.



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