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LightShineWhite: Your New Go-To Brand For Young, Fresh Wedding Gowns

You'd have to agree with me when I say choosing a wedding gown is probably one of the most nerve-wracking (yet exciting and deeply satisfying) tasks you'll have to do in your life. This white dress you wear as you walk down the aisle has that magical ability to create a fairy tale moment, one that is etched in your memory forever.

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And so it is but natural to be very picky about the designer, or the bridalwear line you choose to go with for one of the most magical days of your life. Some brides search high and wide for that moment when they can say 'yes' to a ready-made dress, while some go for a more personalized approach and choose a designer to co-create their gown with. Whatever it is you choose, make sure it's something that's close to your heart, and one that feels right.

In choosing a wedding dress, it is crucial that the bride know what works for her body, what style she feels comfortable in, and what she truly feels her most beautiful in. Nothing is more painful to look at than a bride who threw on a wedding gown that's too long, too loose, or does not look fitting for her personality. It is important then, to find a brand that collaborates and works with what the bride truly wants, to be able to let her glow shine through—letting the bride carry the dress, and not the dress outshine her. 

Here, we acquaint you with a young bridalwear brand that has been around for just a few years, catering to celebrity ensembles and private clients. We let you in on their philosophy when it comes to bridal dresses, and how they make sure the bride feels her best on her Big Day. Read on and take a peek at their beautiful new collection, brimming with pieces that are far from boring, unexpectedly youthful yet classy.


‘ISABEL’ - An embellished bodice with bold organza sleeves and a full circle skirt

Metro.Style: Tell us about the brand LightShineWhite. What is its history and what does it stand for?

LightShineWhite: LightShineWhite is a group of creative individuals that include a Designer, a Creative Director, and several seamstresses that collaborate on each customized garment. The passion project took off in 2015, with a small number of clients who until now have trusted the brand to design and tailor their clothes.



We ?? Akira. #lightshinewhite

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We have a very straightforward aesthetic: Light, shine, and white are three important elements that we have consistently incorporated in each tailor-made garment. True to our name, we use light and delicate fabrics, embellish the dresses with shiny materials that glitter and sparkle, and use immaculate and pristine white fabrics—a traditional and timeless color of choice for our core client, the bride.



Bridal Gown in Duchess Satin, Lace and Matte Embellishments. #lightshinewhite

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MS: What is your brand philosophy?

LSW: As a young brand, LSW thrives in the process of continuous learning. Everyone is integral in the creation of each LSW garment. We do not inhibit contributions in the ideation and engineering of our projects. We believe that by understanding each member’s capabilities, we are able to utilize our strengths, optimizing our process, and delivering our best work. And our best work, as we discovered, enriches the bride’s wedding experience—giving her noticeable confidence and stunning elegance on her big day.


‘MARIA’ - An embellished corseted bodice with a full circle tulle skirt


MS: What are the brand's strengths when it comes to production? Is there a signature LSW look?

LSW: As we are also a design studio, we constantly push the boundaries of current fashions by continuously learning and at the same time, injecting innovation and sparking invention in what we do. Our youth enables us to humbly and patiently master existing techniques and ideas, boldly experimenting yet remaining loyal to our brand ethos. A consistent feature in our dresses is a draped corset and right now, we are honing our craft in embellishing the bodice with various materials. It’s a fun and exploratory experience.


'JUANITA’ - An embellished bodice, with thin shoulder straps with tassels, and an A-line skirt


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‘AURORA' - A corseted, embellished and sheer bodice, with straight cut trousers


MS: How old is the brand? What changed through the years and what can we look forward to now?

LSW: We’ve come a long way from outsourcing seamstresses back when we were starting, to currently having a select group of individuals with unique strengths and skill sets. We are also more prepared than ever, confident with our team’s competencies. With an open mind, we as a brand welcome new opportunities and experiences, opening our doors and sharing our craft to a wider audience.

‘BEATRIZ’ - An appliqué overlay and bodice with a serpentine skirt and ruffle detail


We are very optimistic when we think about our future, with a vision of growth not only with the number of customers we have but also with our craftsmanship and efficiency as well. We are grounded yet ambitious, hoping to extend our reach and exhibit our work locally and internationally, with our customers continuing their support and loyalty to the LSW brand.

By nurturing good relationships with all of our clients we are able to promote the brand’s competencies and ensure everyone benefits from the creative experience.



We ?? Camille. #lightshinewhite

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MS: Who are your celebrity clients? 

LSW: We were very honored to have dressed several celebrities during the past few years: Ylona Garcia, Nadine Lustre, K Brosas, KZ Tandingan, Mariel Padilla, and Barbie Imperial.



MS: Who are your style inspirations? 

LSW: We have had a wonderful experience with Jojie Lloren when we attended his short course on pattern-making. We admire not only his masterful technique and rich experience, we also aspire to have a creative space like his. We also look up to Filipino designers who have created their own legacies in the world of fashion and have perfected balancing their business and design processes like Monique Lhuillier.

‘BELLA’ - An appliqué overlay and bodice, black grosgrain belt, and a fitted skirt


Reading and watching the stories of the great fashion houses inspire us. Their design processes, their partners and suppliers, and how they are able to consistently make each garment their own fascinate us. It is through learning from them that we are reminded of why there is a premium in this craft—how simple ideas are made to become complicated architectural masterpieces, how a combination of often used materials can be fresh and innovative, and how a house can continue to flourish for years of evolving and adapting to trends while using timeless and trusted techniques.


‘ELIZABETH’ - An appliquéd and embellished overlay on a lace bodice, with a silk taffeta belt and full circle tulle skirt


MS: Who is the LSW Bride?

LSW: She gathers confidence not from what she deems perfect but from what is real. She is enticed by the idea of going through a process and finds joy in seeing herself form something out of raw inspirations. She is fearless and she knows that beauty is a gift everyone around her has.


MS: Tell us about your latest campaign. What is the story behind it?

LSW: This is LSW’s first bridal collection; it is a straightforward description of our brand’s current aesthetic—draped fabrics on a bodice embellished with beads and lace, soft and light layers of fabrics for skirts. Each piece is named after a bride from our family trees, honoring our heritage and paying homage to the marriages that brought us here today. It is a carefully curated selection of pieces that can be mixed and matched based on the LSW bride’s preferences, made to measure and one-of-a-kind.

‘IRENE’ - An appliquéd and embellished overlay on a lace bodice with a fitted serpentine lace skirt


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‘JADE’ - A draped fine mikado bodice with full circle shirred tulle skirt


For appointments, call +639175259275 or e-mail | Facebook: | Instagram: @lightshinewhite