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How Lizzo's Fashion Looks Are Changing The Way We See Our Bodies

Here’s why we’re breaking stereotypes and wearing whatever we want like Lizzo.

America’s favorite bop star is notorious for her too-real tunes and hard-hitting fashion choices. Lizzo reigns as the supreme on all things body positive. Although we’ve been doing A-Okay on our game, it’s comforting to know that someone as influential as Lizzo is someone we can relate to.

Apart from her fashion, Lizzo extends body positivity towards her music and her undying cause to spark ground-breaking change in the music industry. Through her platform she continuously supports her message of inclusivity and incorporates it in her performances. From her backup dancers to the people she works closely with, she makes sure that everyone who works with her speaks her voice as well.

This Week’s Biggest Fashion Moments On Instagram By Heart, Lizzo, Selena, And More


This Week’s Biggest Fashion Moments On Instagram By Heart, Lizzo, Selena, And More

Bold, witty, and head-to-toe confident, Lizzo is the kind of girl that doesn’t take no for an answer. From barely-there outfits to print-on-print extravaganza, there’s no doubt she can pull it off. The singer wants to emphasize that she wants you to dress as you. Whether you’re wearing your 9-to-5 outfit or you’re out to just lounge in your free time, Lizzo pushes you to put yourself in your clothes.

Remember that expressing confidence and personality doesn’t always have to involve neon outfits or revealing ensembles. Dressing up for yourself and not for anyone else is as easy as putting on an outfit that will not swallow you for its boldness but show you instead. In dressing up, think of comfort but at the same time add a statement piece every so often. There’s nothing wrong with a classic crew neck t-shirt if you style it with bottoms that accentuate your true form. Add on scarves or better yet, a bag that speaks your personality. Sooner or later you’ll be as confident in a dress like Lizzo.

To inspire you even more, we rounded up some of Lizzo’s best dressed moments and of course, outfits you might want to take notes from.