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Longchamp Paris’ President Philippe Cassegrain Dies At 83, Leaving A Strong Legacy House

The designer of our fave Le Pliage bag that we know today passes from Covid-19-related complications.

These trying moments have seen the worst and best of times. Today, we are saddened by the loss of a great man and President of Longchamp Paris for 60 years, Philippe Cassegrain. But his story is not that of loss but instead a celebration of the many beautiful things he has left behind for the French fashion house and its new legacy.


In press release in Nov 28, Monsieur Cassegrain is reported to have passed at age 83 due to Covid-19 complications. Hid death was commemorated with his early constructions for his father’s brand. At 16, he traveled around the world with a suitcase filled with Longchamp samples, spreading the word about this new fashion house.

In 1972, he would succeed his father in helming the brand, pursuing a new era. His iconic achievements include creating the Longchamp’s first travel bags made from nylon and leather, creating a more feminine line of bags in the ‘80s, and, of course, creating the Longhcamp Le Pliage bag, the very piece that would catapult the brand into what it is most recognised for today.

The brand would be in safe hands though, keeping the Cassegrain blood running through the heart of Langchamp. His eldest son, Jean is now the CEO, his daughter, Sophie Delafontaine, the Creative Director, and his younger son, Olivier, leads the brand’s development of American boutiques.

We give our thoughts and prayers to the Cassegrain family and the whole longchamp team.

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