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5 Timeless, Kendall Jenner-Approved Handbags For Every Type of Woman

In the same line that there’s no one type of woman, there’s no one type of bag that fits every personality. But there are ones that truly speak to your core. 



Longchamp provides the perfect balance of refinement, chicness and practicality that make the range truly irresistible to women. Even Kendall Jenner- the epitome of the modern woman who continues to defy the status quo – believes in the power of a versatile piece.

Here some of our favorites:


Sweet + Sleek

Amazone Hobo XS


For the refined young woman who needs no flash to be confident, Longchamp creates this elegant bag designed with a sleek flap and delicate chain. The soft, supple cowhide brings out the light, sensual aspects of the design and enhances the uninhibited silhouette inspired by the Parisian woman.


La Vie Boheme


Amazone Folk


The Amazone Folk bag focuses on bohemian codes, delighting the lady who likes it rugged and rustic. The bag comes with a stirrup buckle that echoes an equestrian spirit, while the braided piping lends a feminine touch, gently hugging the models' lines. The velvet leather and fringe bring country-chic to a new level of style.


Polished to perfection                                   

Amazone Matelasse


A CEO-on-the-go always needs a bag that can handle her “baggage” for the day, and the Amazone Matelasse does just that, not only protecting the wearer’s valuables but also elevating her ensemble. Modern and edgy, the Matelasses offers its own take on padding, structuring exceptional soft and full lambskin using vertical topstitching.


Call of the wild

Amazone D’Hiver


This luxurious bag calls to our primal instincts with its combination of furs and soft textures. Dressed in felt for a pea coat spirit, its lines are set off with a rabbit fur braid for some extra softness. An uncanny natural beauty, this bag makes a woman feel like a true conqueror – free, strong and courageous.     


Fashion Forward Femme


Amazone Python


Serpentine is incredibly sexy, and it speaks to the sensual power of every woman. Kendall Jenner loves this particular mock python piece as it conveys freedom, daring and a spirit of rebelliousness. To create this unique print, the scales are painted onto glossy calf leather that’s been embossed. Refinement is also worked into this fierce-looking line with a metallic chain, allowing the wearer to carry it several ways.


A true empowered woman is one who is unafraid to show her boldest colors. Embrace your unique point of view and step out in style with Longchamp and the Amazone line. 



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