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Luxury Designer Rosenthal Tee Unveils A Different Side Of KARIMADON In This Romantic, Limited Edition Line!

From being a humble ready-to-wear boutique, local brand KARIMADON now boasts of its 30 stores around the country. Recently, the 38-year-old label even went global, adding seven branches in Indonesia, and flying across the world to land in Canada.

Its founder Josie Go envisions that the brand would create luxury fashion accessible to all. “Working with the hottest and most talented designers gives our customers the chance to own something extra special, because we produce them in very limited pieces. We want to give our clients the experience of wearing designer pieces at affordable prices,” she quips.

True to its goal, the ready-to-wear brand’s latest collaboration is worthy of your attention. Enter Rosenthal Tee, a young Filipina bespoke designer who’s been making waves in the fashion industry. After graduating with Distinction from the famed Instituto Marangoni in Italy with a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design Womenswear—and even having her own show in New York Fashion Week, no less—it’s no surprise that Rosenthal Tee is the designer-of-the moment.

Known for her ornate, strongly feminine bridal and casual pieces, this partnership with KARIMADON is the 29-year-old star’s first foray into ready-to-wear. Expect to see playful patterns, textures, and colors in this limited edition line. In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, Rosenthal Tee talks about her ultra wearable English garden-inspired pieces.


Metro.Style: How were you approached by KARIMADON for this collaboration?

Rosenthal Tee: Ms. Josie messaged me during the -ber months of last year. In fact, this collaboration was really a year in the making. Because of this, I was able to get a vibe of what I can do for the brand, and to also see what things I could twist up within the [fashion] house.


MS: How many months did it take for you to design your KARIMADON x Rosenthal Tee pieces?

RT: The actual collection really came about the last three months—I really wanted to launch it during the -ber month season! I feel that during the Holiday season, most women have more events to attend, so I thought that it was the perfect timing.


MS: What is your inspiration behind your pieces?

RT: When you think of KARIMADON, it comes off as very sweet, and when you think of my brand, it’s strongly feminine because I play a lot with textures. Combining our two different aesthetics, I was inspired by dusk in an English garden! You’ll see the different moods of the colors coming into play. There are insertions of a rich red, navy, rust orange, and hunter green. While you’ll still see the blush shade that is very much in line with KARIMADON, the color story in this collection is more playful. It’s fun and powerful. When wear a piece and enter a room, you’re not just in a very neutral, friendly ensemble. You’ve got something that has a bit more strength in it.



MS: What side of Rosenthal Tee will can we look forward to in this collection?

RT: You will see the Rosenthal Tee that is running around the city during the day with so many errands. I really thought about what most of my days are like, where you can’t really tell what’s going to happen. Whether it will be running to a lunch meeting, to a cocktail dinner, to a party in the city or even outside the city—these are the elements I played with. I thought about each piece within a space, and imagined where I would wear it to.


MS: You mentioned that you envisioned an activity for each dress. Can you talk about what setting goes with what?

RT: The ones with the trousers were inspired by me running around the city. I don’t like being constricted, but I like wearing pants, so my take on it is adding a slit to see the legs. You can wear these with rubber shoes, sneakers, sandals, and even heels if you want to glam it up. You can even wear it in the office! It’s really an all-around, and that’s what I wanted it to be.


The tulle dress appeals to the most feminine side of me. It’s a frou frou dress but sexier! There’s lining inside—you’re covered up, but from the distance, it looks like you’re not. It’s perfect for the faux hubaderas out there!


The cape dress is very dramatic. It’s one of my favorites. It’s like you’re a donya lying down on a nice sofa.


MS: What is your favorite dress in the collection?

RT: I can’t say. I think I said it in an interview, but thinking about it now, it’s so hard to really pin it down because all the pieces here are all sides of me. These are mutations of the outfits that I'd actually wear. It’s all me, so no favorites, everything is a favorite.


MS: We know you for your bridal wear and couture creations. How are these different from this RTW line?

RT: I had to tone down a lot of details—but I still wanted to maintain a sort of power, a key thing to look at per piece. Even if a piece is deceivingly simple, like the cape dress, you’ll see that it’s got a dramatic theme. So once the woman moves in it, you’ll see the drama of it, which makes it unique.


MS: Will these pieces be available in plus size?

RT: Yes, the sizes are running up!

Q: How was your overall collaboration with KARIMADON like?

RT: Auntie Josie Go was very friendly. She gave me complete reign to do what I wanted. I enjoy making gowns for a living—but the freedom to explore another facet is really why I took on this collaboration. The communication was very open. Of course, they suggested I tone down some pieces, and asked whether I was sure about my color choices. I was like, I think we’ve got this because when you think of Karimadon, it’s neutral, beige, and blush. When I did this collection, I wanted to play up the colors. Yes there are pinks, but a little brighter on my end.


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KARIMADON x RosenthalTee will be available online at on September 28 and will be in select stores starting October 5, 2018.