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Look Back At The Best And Brightest Of PHxMaArte

ICYMI: PHxMaArte was the place to be last weekend!

Three years since its last physical event in 2019, PHxMaArte is back and bolder than ever. In partnership with MaArte at the Pen, the opulent fundraiser for the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, the PHx Fashion Group made waves by boosting Filipino fashion brands to a global level last August 19 to 21. 

Who is the PHx Fashion Group?

Created in 2019 by designer Joseph Bagasao, creative entrepreneur Esme Palaganas and art advocate Trickie Lopa, the PHx Fashion Group emphasizes mixing the commercial and the creative to cultivate a world-class, thriving fashion economy in the Philippines.

Photo from PHxMaArte

Enter events like MaArte at the Pen that aim to engage with fashion professionals. With a stunning dossier of contemporary designers, PHx Fashion Group’s mission of pushing for the future generation of Filipino fashion creatives was a knock out of the park—especially for MaArte’s clientele including Dimples Romana, Bianca Elizalde, and Shaira Luna.

Colorful, Curated and Clean.

With MaArte’s objective of celebrating the Filipino creative soul, ten rooms in the Peninsula Manila’s 5th floor became home to 23 different brands as cornerstones for the current Filipino fashion prospect. Like a fun museum to hop from one exhibit to the next, PHxMaArte’s designers had something for everyone to enjoy.

Interested in whimsical outfit finishes like shoes and jewelry? Look no further than Alexie or Tropik Beatnik! JMakitalo, Lilliana Manahan, and Neil Felipp also offer their personal, contemporary spins on more timeless, gold and silver ornamentals.

L-R Photos from Tropik Beatnik, Neil Felipp, and JMakitalo

Maybe the concept of elevated simplicity is your fashion priority. Then let brands VIÑA ROMERO, Land of Nod, Jill Lao, and Mich Dulce be your guide. Perhaps an artisan twist on the classic button down would catch your eye. Basic Movement, Café City Club and nicolò are at your service. Maybe you’re looking into embroidery and applique à la mode? Well, Kelvin Morales and Randolf are here to be your new objects of desire, and then some.

L-R Photos from Jill Lao, Randolf, and nicolò

Oh, you’re a fan of variety in textiles? No need to fret, for Feanne, BAGASÁO, and Eustacia are right next door. And don’t worry! For our readers who want a pop of color and aim to be unique, brands HA.MÜ, Jude Macasinag, and ec were curated just for you.

L-R Photos from HA.MÜ, Jude Macasinag, and Feanne

From Little Leagues to the Premiere Stadium.

In addition to these established brands, PHxMaArte became home to three fashion graduates to experience showing their collection in a market setting. Three cheers are in order to SoFA Design Institute, iAcademy, and De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde for having such stellar alumni!

Benilde’s own CLIO DL by Clio De Leon focuses on womenswear that empowers. Through juxtaposing feminine details against masculine cuts, and artistic prints against minimalist silhouettes, CLIO DL is sure to be the next brand the modern, Filipino woman would run to.

Photo from CLIO DL by Clio De Leon

Kill Joy Studios’ Creative Director Eugene Malabad of iAcademy proves that anything can be a source of inspiration. With his graduation collection hailing details from his rather mundane daily commute, ROTONDA was born to highlight the indescribable buzz and energy that surrounds the streets.

Photo from Kill Joy Studios

Lastly, Le Ngok’s Carla Zhang is the hypnotic, sensory overload a fashion enthusiast would even dream to have. In transgressing experimental design boundaries, Le Ngok’s mixed media, draping, and multitude of innovative techniques that find their home at SoFA Design Institute are sure to help exhibit anyone’s unique style.

Photo from Le Ngok

Seeing PHxMaArte’s success, it would be no surprise should they decide to hold another pop-up soon—and we’re definitely first in line to be attendees! With the fast-paced globalization of the fashion industry, it’s often difficult to ground ourselves in the Filipino fashion landscape. However, the PHx Fashion Group and its network of designers prove to us that the Filipino creative spirit is alive, well and thriving so keep your eyes peeled!