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Mark Bumgarner Is No Longer Just A Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer to the stars Mark Bumgarner is many things, no doubt—former race car driver, fashion designer extraordinaire, and all-around achiever. This year, this young talent adds another feather to his cap with a coveted signature shoe line that has got the fashion insider set excited yet again. Metrowear 2017 Designer Mark may already be pro at creating feminine yet striking gowns and dresses, but with this new addition to his fashion studio, he proves that his talent is not limited to that of clothing.



A new side of Mark

Women have a life-long love affair with beautiful shoes, with pairs upon pairs collected through the years. Don't even ask a shoe-aholic why they love it—they simply do! And why wouldn't they be? Shoes have the ability to make or break an outfit, and more often than not, elevate your look altogether. We're not suprised then, that Mark has decided to venture into this lucrative business of designing beautiful shoes for stylish women: It is a perfect fit, so to speak. We picked Mark's brain about what drove him to pursue this new line, and while you're at it, browse through some of our Editor's Picks! 



Why come up with a shoe line?

I have always appreciated shoes, the design and the craftmanship that goes with it. I have always thought that shoes are powerful part of clothing. There is something about shoes that changes a person's attitude.


Is this something you planned from the beginning or was it a new development?

Yes and no. Yes because at the back of my mind I have always wanted to build a "house" that offers different product categories aside from clothing. And no, I did not plan on when and how. I just knew I wanted to do it.



What kind of shoe looks best on a Mark Bumgarner woman?

I am biased of course on stilettos. I like the effect on posture and form on women's bodies. But it is not for everyday. Mules and flats are more realistic women's shoes. Right now my shoe collection has a lot of these.


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What shoe trends can we look out for from your upcoming collections?

Im obsessed with exotic leather, so you will be seeing more of these kinds of materials in the next collections! I'm also looking at using local weaves and embroidery to add a different dimension to design.




Describe your current collection. What is the inspiration behind this? How many designs are there?

My current collection is very wearable and practical. Most of the styles can be worn from day to night. I also made sure that the shoes are comfortable by using chunky heels which I carved myself from chunks of wood. I believe there are 10-12 designs in this collection. It is very limited.



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What's next for you? A bag line or other fashion items?

Bags are part of the plan but I have no idea when and how. Right now I really want to grow my shoe line and make it an independent entity of my company. Let's see how it goes!



Mark Bumgarner footwear ranges from Php 4,000 to 25,000 a pair. For more information, check out @bumgarnerstudio on Instagram.

Lead photos via Mark Bumgarner