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Mastering Minimalism: Lacoste's "Purity" Collection Is An Ode To Leather Goods Simplicity

There’s something refreshing about going back to the minimal essentials, the non-fuss things that remind us of quality. And while we’re all about going all-out in our style, sometimes we just want to take that step back the basics. For this summer, we’re giving those lavish accessory bags a quick break in favor of the new Lacoste “Purity” collection, a leather goods line for women that’s aiming to keep things simple.


As the name suggests, the “Purity” collection presents basic leather goods with a soft, monochromatic tone, offering a clean and casual look. Designs include 3 bags, two shoulder bags, two wallets and a cardholder; all available in the shades navy blue, optical white and natural beige. Although we could argue that Lacoste leather goods were never really outlandish to begin with, the “Purity” collection takes that extra step towards simplicity; the calfskin leather feels true, without any unnecessary finishes, and the shapes a perfect balance of structure and flexibility.


If you’re in to the Japanese minimal style, or just feel adding more basics to your accessory arsenal, consider these fine goods for your next investment:






Photos are courtesy of Stores Specialists, Inc.