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Meet The New Bottega Veneta And Why Everyone's Buying It!

Find out why we're crushing about the dashing new creative director, the BV pouch, and the exciting brand revamp.

After what seemed to be years of underperformance, Bottega Veneta comes back better than ever under the creative direction of wonder boy, Daniel Lee. The 34-year-old British designer took over the 54-year-old Italian luxury powerhouse in the summer of 2018 with his millennial approach on stealth wealth, an iconic BV identity since 2001. 

Bottega Veneta is poised as a luxury brand that doesn't exceed on flashiness of logo and design. The brand has valued minimalism, construction, and exceptional workmanship since 1966 and this is where Lee took his inspirations from. The core of BV’s legendary revamp focused on the reimagination of the brand’s signature intrecciato leather. The woven leather masterpiece we’ve been seeing on the BV Pouch clutch, BV Cassette Bags and BV Lido Sandals is an age-old tradition of the brand since the 1960s. Intrecciato is an impeccable leather weaving technique primarily used for durability and aesthetic. 

Nowadays, the million-dollar Bottega Veneta intrecciato leather has been sold out in every design and color because of the sought-after Lee effect. Starring also the BV success are Lee’s knits, tailored gender-fluid suits, and millennial micro bags to XXXXL clutches. Lee emphasised clearly the importance of how the garments move with the wearer and how much he/she can frequently wear his goods up to the max. The new Bottega Veneta is equal parts of smart and audacious, classic but visionary, and yes, legendary.