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#MetroStyleWatch: Fashion Lessons According To Justin Bieber's Fiancée Hailey Baldwin

All eyes are definitely on Hailey Baldwin as soon as news of her engagement to Justin Bieber broke yesterday. No doubt the Internet had a meltdown with the news, but as always, we have to wait and see where this story goes. But team #Jelena or not, we're still wishing them all the best though, that's for sure!

The question on our minds (apart from how long they've really been dating), is why exactly does Justin say that Hailey is the perfect woman for him? While that question is something we can't accurately answer at this point, we sure know why we love her and her daring sense of style. We can learn a thing or two from Miss Baldwin, from her ability to make figure-hugging dresses look chic, to the way she piles on jewelry. Here, we narrow down five of Hailey's fashion moments, the ones we've got on our eyes on, and see what fashion lessons we can learn from the soon-to-be Mrs. Bieber!


Animal Print + Diamonds

This unlikely combo sure makes a strong statement in the style department. Not to be reserved for the daring women of the fashion spectrum, wearing animal prints and sparkly stones at the same time proves to be a flattering route to take. Feeling iffy about the idea? Try a minimalist combo first, before going all out. Try an animal print top paired with a sparkly pair of earrings if necklaces are a bit too much! 


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Midriff Top + High-Waist Pants

Hailey shows us in this outfit that cropped tops can be worn the right way by pairing it with high-waist trousers. Known for her midriff-baring tops (hello, '90s!), Hailey sure has the trend down pat. While we're not top model material like her, we too have the option of sporting cropped tops the tasteful way. The takeaway: Showing way too much skin can get borderline tacky, so veer away from that. 


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Black Ain't Boring

While going all black with your outfit choices can tend to get "safe" or "minimalist", it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be boring. This neutral shade can definitely go a long way when you choose pieces that are unexpected—think texture, cut, and layering! We love Hailey's take on the all-black look as she went the sleek route, even completing the ensemble with a cool pair of shades!


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Layered Gold Jewelry

Piling on gold jewelry or accessories definitely takes some getting used to, but consider Hailey's direction for styling this trend: It works best when the pieces are of the similar kind, and be sure to limit to up to three layers for necklaces! Anything more than that can make it too complicated. 


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Clear Glasses Add A Layer of Oomph

Wearing specs no longer labels you a "nerd". While looking scholastic is definitely not an insult, we know that this look was long reserved for the smart kids in class. This time around, wearing clear eyeglasses (whether or not you have vision problems) is the 2018 way to chic. Use it to punctuate a minimalist look, the way miss Baldwin does it.


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Lead photos via Hailey Baldwin