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#MetroStyleWatch: How To Be Dua Lipa

If you've been living under a rock, then allow us to introduce you to Dua Lipa, the hottest sensation in the pop music world today. While she hasn't reached cult status such as Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift yet, we're pretty sure she's on her way to such level of stardom what with her distinct vocal chops, that insanely pretty face, a sassy attitude, and impeccable sense of style!

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From covering other artists' songs on Youtube, to becoming her own celebrity, Dua Lipa is set for superstardom. She starred alongside Calvin Harris' hit "One Kiss", and dropped her own chart toppers "New Rules", and "IDGAF" fueling her rise to the top. We've surely got our eyes set on Dua Lipa's next moves in the music scene!

In the meantime, we've got to give our full attention to how the Albanian-English singer is setting the trends in terms of fashion, and how we can steal a styling tip or two! We picked eight of our favorite fashion moments from the 22-year old rocking the stage, and the world with her fearless sense of style. Read on...


Feather Details

You know how much we love feather details or full-on plummage here at Metro, and this year, this trend truly had its fair share of moments on and off the red carpet. While it isn't an easy trend to pull-off, the main lesson we can learn from this Dua Lipa pick is that having fun with fashion is truly the number one secret to style success!


Prep 4 dress of my dreams spam but for now gnight Paris ??????

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The stylish singer loves coordinated tops and bottoms, be it pajamas or otherwise. These ladylike co-ords lend a touch of femininity to her usual street-inclined personal style, and we can't say we're not convinced! Since we're not all as blessed as her in the abs department, why not go for a similar outfit that covers your midsection a bit more without sacrificing any style points?



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Denim Jacket

This wardrobe staple is a no-brainer when it comes to building the ultimate closet. Denim is a great fabric to style, and can be used multiple ways. Do as Dua Lipa did in this outfit, by making things more interesting via a patchwork-inspired piece paired with layered gold necklaces. Tres chic!


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Polka Dots

If you've been following Dua Lipa for some time now, you've surely noticed how much the 22-year old singer loves her polka dots. We've seen her wear them a number of ways, in different pieces to covet. This is what we know for sure: Polka dots are a new classic print we shouldn't miss out on wearing!


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Volumized Evening Gown

If you're running out of ideas for formalwear, look no further. Take things up a notch on your next ball or formal soiree by trying volume or oversized silhouettes. This isn't just a fashion-forward choice, it's also a conversation piece waiting to happen. Next time you're tempted to go the serpentina or ballgown route, think twice and opt for this chic trend instead!


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We love a bit of sparkle here and there, and miss Lipa sure knows how to rock her shiny pieces. Again, this trend may not seem like the easiest to pull off, but the key to not going the tacky route is by wearing standout pieces one at a time. This saves you from looking like a Christmas ornament!



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Suit dress

Menswear is a major trend rocking the runways but we've got to admit, androgyny isn't something all ladies can do effortlessly. It takes a certain level of style to be able to look chic while looking manly at the same time. That level of balance is something seasoned fashionistas can do in an instant, but for the rest of us mortals, it may be a challenge. Do as Dua does in a menswear-inspired dress that's way more forgiving, and is totally flattering for the femmes out there!


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Wide leg denims

Skinny jeans and mom jeans have had their heyday, but today, it's all about the straight-cut and wide leg denim jeans. This cut is insanely flattering as it is able to lengthen your legs especially for dark washes. Don't make the mistake of wearing flats with these jeans though, as platforms are a better bet to further make your frame appear longer. 


Nyc ??

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Lead photos via Dua Lipa