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Michael Cinco’s “Ultra Violet” Is A Couture Masterpiece


Around the new year, Dubai-based Filipino couturier Michael Cinco gave his Instagram followers an extensive glimpse into his latest feat, the ‘Ultra Violet’, a 20-foot long cape fully embroidered cape.


In stunning patterns of blue, violet, red, white and black, the Ultra Violet is inspired by the wings of a butterfly, utilizing only the finest materials of silk threads and thousands of Swarovski crystals. Michael also notes that the whole piece is also handmade, taking approximately 1000 hours and dozens of dedicated artists to create. As of now, Ultra Violet is unfinished, but it will eventually be part of the Swarovski Exhibition some time this year.





The Swarovski Exhibition, also called ‘Kristallwelten Wattens’, or the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, is a large attraction based in Austria. Built in 1995, the popular and decadent attraction marked the centennial anniversary of the brand, and has since been a major tourist hotspot. The Swarovski Crystal Worlds is a family-friendly visit, with plenty of playgrounds; but it is also a luxury and artistic dream destination, with 16 Chambers of Wonder, and a crystal garden.


Perhaps later this year, we can look forward to having a Filipino designer represented in the magical Swarovski Crystal Worlds! No doubt we’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on this exciting news!


Lead photos by @michael5inco