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Meet Michael Seifert, The Filipino-German Multi-Hyphenate Behind SEIFERT

In this Metro exclusive, hear from model, talent agency founder, and entrepreneur behind this emerging gender-neutral label.

Model-turned-entrepreneur Michael Seifert is a man of many hats. Proud of his Filipino-German roots and having traveled for years as a fashion model and talent agent under his own boutique modeling agency TALENTMAN, Michael considers himself as a citizen of the world. 

This year, Michael responds to another calling, hence the fruition of his emerging gender-neutral brand called SEIFERT. Inspired by his travels in Asia and Europe, Michael wanted to create pieces that evoke wanderlust. From wearable linen pieces to printed silk shirts, SEIFERT offers day and evening wear pieces that are timeless, edgy, and chic. The transportive qualities of his clothes are evident at first look. Get transported to the tropical beaches of Bali to Berlin's cool clubbing scene with how the brand plays with prints and fabrics. “For me it’s not just about the visual appeal anymore, I want the SEIFERT customer to feel the total experience of the brand. There is power in clothing and it’s such a strong form of expression,” says Michael.

Michael’s main style inspirations range from people to places. “People like my dad who unfortunately passed last year, was really like a style icon to me and he inspired and motivated me to start the label,” Michael continues, “for places, I like to travel a lot. As a full time model and talent agent, I was given the opportunity to travel to places like Mykonos, Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, and Bali.”

His personal style is a great reflection of his designs for SEIFERT. Style icons like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Tom Ford, and Simon Porte Jacquemus have a huge impact in Michael’s sartorial choices. Just imagine how these people would look in something designed by Michael himself!

Photo from @seifertlabel on Instagram

When asked what motivates him to work in the fashion industry, Michael answers with great enthusiasm that he likes to be able to influence, impact people’s lives, and share his point of view as a creative. “I’ve learned that starting a label is so much harder than what people think. I never studied fashion design but I’ve always had a love for arts and anything creative,” says Michael. 

As the founder and creative director of his own brand, Michael insists on being hands on from production, designing, sourcing the materials, to the final presentation of his pieces. “I have definitely experienced highs and lows in production like the toughest one can experience is when you have something in mind and you want to bring it to life but there are hurdles along the way to get it how you want it to be. When you do make it happen, it’s the best feeling.”

Photo from @seifertlabel on Instagram

His design philosophy is definitely to make something unique, versatile, and empowering. The SEIFERT man and woman is someone who is confident and effortless with a sense of cool and silent strength. Ultimately, the edge of SEIFERT’s garments is that everything is made to be worn by everybody regardless of gender.

Photo from @seifertlabel on Instagram

Dropping this December, SEIFERT’s first capsule collection "Tropical Beginnings" is worth checking out. Garments are priced from $50 to $250 with a size range from XS all the way to XL and some pieces that come in free sizing. The brand stays true to its ethos as a slow fashion brand by making everything only by order, sourcing the best ethically made fabrics as much as possible, and ensuring that workers are safe and properly compensated for all their hardwork. “Our efforts extend to releasing only two capsule collections per year with limited edition gender-neutral pieces,” says Michael. 

Looking into the future, Michael sees his brand worn by not only people in the fashion industry, but by people of all walks of life.

Like Michael, the SEIFERT man and woman is a citizen of the world.