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Our Metro Most Stylish Girls And Their Chic, New Business Ventures During Quarantine!

Find out how our most stylish ladies fill their extra time.

The quarantine season might got the best of us during the first few months of isolation but we have steadily bounced back through making our extra time worthwhile with our self-made wins. Just like our favorite Metro Most Stylish girls, we have turned all our positive energy into baking, cooking, painting, planting, and more. You'd be surprised to know how much you can achieve with all your extra time! On top of being stylish, these women have ultimately achieved productivity at home with their newfound or continuing hobbies turned into business ventures. Find out how they fill their extra time with these fun new endeavours. Don't forget to check out their business Instagram accounts linked in every description!

Art by Carla Buyo; Lead Photo from @sarahlahbati and

Chi & Gab Gibbs

Photo from @chiiloyzagagibbs

Is there anything Chi and Gabs Gibbs can’t do? Apart from being fashion and beauty girls, this musical duo is also making waves in the art scene with their groovy prints and portraits. Taking their taste-making skills further, Chi keeps a lush tropic feast in Chi Gibbs Studio where she makes prints and illustrations on canvas. On the other hand, Gabs keeps a technicolor micro gallery of portraits in GGallery. Make sure to get a glimpse of their artistic choices in their respective art accounts for the ultimate mood boost!

Bea Marin

Photo from @beamarinx

Bea Marin is already a true girl wonder with her online influence in fashion but wait until she conquers our mind space too! This fashion girl is manifesting good vibrations only with Soleil Sacre, a tarot and oracle reading platform where she channels her own astrological and spiritual know-how. She also sells crystals and sage too! BRB, we're getting ourselves a reading.

Cath Sobrevega

Photo from @cathsobrevega

Cath Sobrevega is a Jane of all trades as a fashion stylist, jewelry entrepreneur, and a plant mom too. Dicot Manila is Cath’s latest business venture where she sells avocado plants for green thumbs and plant moms at heart. Keep your space interesting with a vase or two!

Rina Santos

Photo from @rinaandrafa

Rina Santos takes her stitching and jewelry making skills up a notch with My Dearest Rina. Handcrafted and perfectly curated with the finest details, Rina has a beaming lineup of necklaces, earrings, and hand-sewn face masks to choose from. Stay tuned for future restocks because you don’t want to miss this.

Pie Alvarez

Photo from @piealvarez

Baking is finally one step easier with Pie Alvarez’s Self-Made Baking. Packed with pre-measured ingredients and baking essentials in a box, you wouldn’t have to worry about taking too many trips to the grocery! Bond over the good stuff with your family during this quarantine with Self-Made’s signature birthday cake cookies. 

Joanna Preysler

Photo from @joannapreyslermanila

Joanna Preysler leads a life imitated by art as a fashionista, entrepreneur, and an art gallery owner. Bannering her knack for making only the best quarantine treats, Joanna gives us Sunday Morning, a one stop-shop for all things bread, spreads, dips, and sauces. Perfect for afternoons with coffee or tea, we’re getting ourselves a basketful of Sunday Morning for the nearing weekend!

Sarah Lahbati

Photo from @sarahlahbati

Speaking of food, it would be a bummer not to mention Sarah Lahbati’s Swiss and Filipino specialties from Crave Simply. Managed with her much-loved mom, Sarah perfects and shares her family’s special ube and biko along with a menu full of must-try delicacies. Satisfy your inner food connoisseur with only the best of Crave Simply.

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