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Our Metro Most Stylish 2020 Moms Do A Tell-All About Real Life And Fashion During ECQ

Here's how these power moms destress, create, reconnect with their families and themselves during ECQ.

With Mother’s Day peeking in the corner, we touched base with our Metro Most Stylish 2020 moms to get a glimpse of what it is to become a power mom especially during these trying times. We talked to Rina Santos, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Sofie Borromeo, Berna Romulo Puyat, and Charmaine Lagman on how they facilitate self-discovery, creativity, positive mindfulness, and fashion during this enhanced community quarantine.

Becoming a mom is a big task but as a fashion mom, we understand the ultimate boost of energy you get when you put together outfits for yourself to work in. Working from home is probably one of the most daunting adjustments we had, especially when it’s been two months of uncertainty. In this Mother’s Day special, we give you tried-and-tested ways on how you can detox, destress, and rebuild your self and your wardrobe this quarantine coming from our MMS moms themselves. 

Meet The Best Dressed Women Of The Year In Metro Most Stylish 2020


Meet The Best Dressed Women Of The Year In Metro Most Stylish 2020

Rina Santos


One-half of a quirky mom-and-daughter duo, Rina Santos is a cool mom and Rafa can attest to that. Not only does she invite her daughter to dress up with her all the time, she also makes the most out of her childhood with arts and crafts, baking, and accessory making. Rina admits that "Most of the time I actually enjoy this time-off but there are times when I really feel anxious, and I think that's normal." She battles off her anxiety with training and yoga which tremendously helps her to keep physically and mentally fit. Just like us, she has also evolved from wearing pajamas to activewear. Apart from filling her days with these extracurriculars, Rina is also busy sewing face masks for My Dearest Rina, a handcrafted store she built on Instagram that currently sells face masks and jewelry on a regular basis.  

Happy Ongpauco-Tiu


Mother of four and a thriving food and restaurant empire, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu is a woman of great leadership and style. A homemaker and a tastemaker in one, Happy does not only bring joy to her household but makes sure that other moms can bring life and ease to their kitchen as well. With an array of all-natural frozen food menus on Mom Made, "Moms can just choose from our long list of meals, store it and just schedule when she will serve it to her family," explains Happy, "It's not just about selling food now, we are providing solutions to moms/families out there and saving her multiple trips to the grocery as well." She's also on the works on organizing a delivery/takeout/ready-to-eat frozen services for her line of restaurants. Talk about a real power mom!

As she hustles for the greater good of Filipino kitchens, Happy also makes time for herself and her family. She finds time to be active and continuing what she does pre-ECQ to give her a sense of normalcy. On keeping a peaceful and vigilant mind, "I make sure that I filter what I read online and what watch on tv. We should feed our minds with right and positive information." With this she also finds time to check on her friends, relatives, and associates to remain a constant connection. "This period is really about my family—spending time with them, cooking the food they love, doing creative things with my kids where they can both learn and have fun at the same time." 

On dressing up, Happy perfects an ECQ wardrobe situation that consists of daydresses, loungewear, comfortable tops and trousers, etc. "I want to make sure that I still feel good inside and out. That way, I can continue to exude positivity to my family and other members at home."

Sofie Borromeo


Designer of her namesake lifestyle brand of coveted basics and bridal, Sofie Borromeo is a hands-on wife and mother to her family pre- and during the pandemic. Sofie admits that she had to go through an adjustment work-wise because of the ECQ but she makes use of this time to create quality time with her family. To her daughter, she’s not only a mom but a teacher as well. “I salute all teachers for their dedication. It truly is a gift to teach especially when you need to get creative to make sure your child understands the lesson you are teaching.” Sofie shares as she expounds on her experience on teaching her daughter at home. 

On keeping herself fit and positive, Sofie keeps a routine and makes sure that she gets to meditate and exercise daily. This does not only release endorphins but this also helps to keep her on track. Her daily uniform is a rotation of gym clothes and loungewear, two of the best things you should definitely workout and be productive in!

Berna Romulo-Puyat


Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Berna Romulo-Puyat is a true epitome of a woman in action. With mornings and afternoons filled with Zoom calls, heavy news, and anxiety, Berna lives her days with a quote in mind: “When everything seems hopeless, just take it one day at a time. And if one day is too much, just take it one hour at a time. And if one hour is too much, just take it one minute at a time.” With this she is more than ready to take things day by day, task by task, and meeting by meeting. 

“Working from home for me means attending online inter-agency meetings, helping stranded foreign and domestic travelers find their way home, developing the Tourism response and recovery program, and speaking in Department of Tourism webinars.” With an intense daily schedule, Sec. Berna is celebrating simple joys along with her heavy-weight tasks like learning how to operate Zoom and online banking! And just like us, Netflix also comes handy for our secretary-in-charge. 

With meetings coming from left to right, “I still wear my Filipiniana-inspired tops and blouses to look polished and professional. But below, it’s shorts or pyjamas and slippers!” Yes, in times of complete seriousness, this cool mom knows how to let off some steam with her real-life responses. We can totally relate! There may be no days off in service and in fashion, but we’re definitely doing it our own way.

Charmaine Lagman


Businesswoman and style mogul, Charmaine Lagman is the woman of the hour and everything beyond. Charmaine is incredibly thankful for this momentary pause in her life and she takes this opportunity to start fresh! “I have more time to focus on my familial priorities like spring cleaning, organizing, and arranging sections of my house.” She also said that she keeps herself busy with rekindling her passion for baking and cooking. With attaining her inner peace in the kitchen, Charmaine is free from the anxieties of the ECQ, sleepless nights, and work-related stress as well.

With her kids in New York, she keeps a peace of mind as she devote herself in prayer. “I find that my hopefulness lies in God’s hands.” With faith and positivity, Charmaine wishes everyone’s family to stay safe and healthy in their homes as well.

In style, she pours out her passion for fashion with pieces that speak summer“I decided to revitalize my outfits by wearing florals, light and bright colours, pastel dresses, in fabrics of chiffon, cotton, and silk!” Charmaine also adds, “I believe that it’s important to dress nicely even in the comfort of one’s home. Especially with our new ECQ lifestyle, I choose to go for outfits that are easier to move around with, to bake, cook, or even work from home.” We agree! And building your quarantine wardrobe does not only help you work or do more but it also emanates positive energy in the household. 

Lead Photo (L-R): @rinaandrafa, @happyongpauco_tiu, and @josephpascualphoto @otherjoseph from Metro Society Magazine Fashion Issue 2019 featuring Sofie Borromeo.

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