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"Most Stylish Women On Their Most Stylish Pieces”: How the Top 10 #MetroMostStylish2018 Show The More Personal Side of Style

Sometimes, fashion can have a more emotional component to it, representing a deep feeling, thought or memory. The “Most Stylish Women On Their Most Stylish Pieces” series, which was first revealed on the Metro magazine Instagram, invites the most stylish women of the #MetroMostStylish2018 list to share their personal, or favorite fashion items, thereby revealing a little more about themselves. From charm necklaces, wedding rings, to the perfect piece of clothing, each has its own story that’s worth recounting.


Watch them all here, and see fashion in a whole new light:


Anne Curtis-Smith


Lovi Poe


Heart Evangelista


Jess Wilson


Beng Dee


Korina Sanchez-Roxas


Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo


Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez


Tootsy Angara


Joanna Preysler-Francisco





Want to know more about the Metro Most Stylish campaign? Read about it here, and make sure to view the complete Top 50 Metro Most Stylish list.

Plus, get to know more about the Top 10 Metro Most Stylish in the Metro magazine February issue, featuring a two-cover special with Anne Curtis-Smith and Lovi Poe, available now in newsstands!