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Mother's Day Fashion Gift Guide 2020: Stylish Pieces From Shops That Still Deliver!

Express your love with a little bit of something even if you're in quarantine. We have something for every kind of mom!

We're keeping Mother's Day extra special this year even though we're in quarantine! After a temporary halt in operations, the government recently lifted the ban on the delivery of non-essential goods such as clothes, shoes, and etc. Just like that, we find ourselves back on online stores to shop for ourselves and of course our momagers. Let your mom receive these little somethings on her doorstep just to let her know you appreciate her so much! 

Art by Carla Buyo

Be reminded that although you can successfully proceed to checkout, you may have to expect minor delays on deliveries given that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. As much as we love to receive our orders in an instant, the frontliners who process, pack, and deliver our purchases are doing their best even in limited capacities. PRO TIP: It's best to order as early as you can to make sure it will arrive on time!

Without further ado, we give you the best gifts you can give to your one and only mom of the year. Flip each item (click the product details) to find out why we're swooning over these gifts:

Timeless Pearly Loop Earrings

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend … but pearls are her soulmate.” Not sure if you’ve heard of this phrase already but we’re totally in agreeance. Give your mom these timeless pearls for her to wear on mother's day!

  • Timeless Pearly Loop Earrings

Victoria Beckham Locket Necklace

Have more than two siblings? Let your mom know that you deserve the spot in her locket when you gift her this ultra chic piece from Victoria Beckham. Better yet, sneak in a picture of yourself already!

  • Victoria Beckham Locket Necklace

Sunnies Studios Wendy Sunglasses

We might be stuck outdoors but it’s still summer! Gift your mom these sunglasses and make sure she’s going to the grocery in style. This might look like the type of frames a millennial would wear but we all know every cool mom deserves these striking lenses.

  • Sunnies Studios Wendy Sunglasses

Sunnies Studios Neon Blue Hard Case

Getting her those Sunnies Studios sunglasses? Complete the package with this equally striking hard case. Browse through Lazada for more colors and velvet finishes.

  • Sunnies Studios Neon Blue Hard Case

Neon Island Sicily Dress

Planning a backyard party for your mom? Make sure she is dressed in only the best of best. Keep it tropically cool and groovy with this Neon Island number. Keep it in theme with fruits and smoothies for snacks!

  • Neon Island Sicily Dress

Pomelo Washed Out Plaid Blazer

Any momager will bawl her eyes out when she sees this stylish blazer on top of her favorite blouse. A hardworking mom deserves a blazer to boss up with. Keep your mom’s Zoom meetings up to par with this blazer on. Accessorize with a white button-down and pearls or layer up on gold accessories if necessary!

  • Pomelo Washed Out Plaid Blazer

Pomelo Washed Out Plaid Trousers

Eyeing on that blazer? Get its matching trousers to curate a look for your mom! Make her decide if she wants to wear both pieces together or let her mix and match with her existing office wear.

  • Pomelo Washed Out Plaid Trousers

Cath Kidston Mimosa Zip Wallet

Match your mom’s ever so blooming personality with this Mimosa themed wallet. Our moms being the light of our lives deserve so much more, why not splurge on this special gift?

  • Cath Kidston Mimosa Zip Wallet

Aranaz Woven Clutch

Moms and rattan is a love story by itself. Name one mom who isn’t a fan of all things native and all natural? Make sure that your mama gets the most exquisite rattan work with this woven clutch from Aranaz.

  • Aranaz Woven Clutch

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

On trend and thriving, gift this contemporary BV cassette bag to your cool mom. The design and color of this purse is truly versatile and refreshing. Advise her to pair this with a floral day dress or a white shirt and denim jeans combo! Dress it up and down with this coveted designer piece.

  • Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

Paris Texas Lace-Up Sandals

There’s nothing that can go wrong with one-inch heeled sandals especially if it’s in hot pink. Gift this to your mom if she’s a Carrie Bradshaw by heart or if your mom is always game to try pops of color every now and then. Let her know that she can wear this on special days or when she just feels like dressing up for her coffee time in your backyard.

  • Paris Texas Lace-Up Sandals

Cecilie Bahnsen White Sandals

A blessing from the heavens above, these comfy sandals are heavenly in comfort and in design. A friendly reminder that femininity can be expressed even in the boldest silhouettes. Gift this to your mom because she will look good in them and she might need a fresher pair of sandals to walk around the grocery with. This sandals are so adorable she can pair this with a daydresses!

  • Cecilie Bahnsen White Sandals

Elvy's Floral Design Bouquets

And since we covered pretty much every latest piece in fashion, we’re topping this off with a bouquet of flowers. Luckily Elvy’s Floral Design still delivers during the quarantine! Send a custom bouquet to your mom because she deserves it more than anyone else!

  • Elvy's Floral Design Bouquets