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“My Kate Spade”: Women From All Walks Of Life Share The Wonderful Stories Behind Their Bags


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It is with a heavy heart that the whole fashion community learned of the suicide of American designer and entrepreneur, Kate Spade. She was only 55 years-old, a devoted wife and mother; but most of us know her as the mastermind behind our first-ever dream bag. Kate Spade, who established her brand in 1993, shot to fame with her practical, yet outrageously fun chic bags.


More than the joy-filled colors, shapes and designs, Kate Spade’s bags captured a zeitgeist: She struck to the heart and fancies of women, especially aspirational women, who wanted it all. Her bags were luxurious, but accessible enough for women on their first jobs, or even college graduation; her bags were simple, but came in every delightful color to suit personalities; her bags were meant for grown women, but always reminded them to stay young at heart.



Kate herself knew the power and happiness her brand brought to millions of people worldwide, which to some extent, she valued more than her own wellbeing. And so as tribute to her loving memory, thousands of fans share the stories behind their Kate Spade bags—proving the power of fashion, and the tragedy of losing one of our feminine idols.







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