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EXCLUSIVE: Nadine Lustre Lets Us In On Her Must-Haves For The Best Summer Yet

It’s summer time and we just can’t wait to have our much-needed getaway! We’re already preparing our summer plans this year, trying to figure out how we can look and feel good by the beach as we beat the scorching heat! How about you, what are your summer plans?

As for Nadine Lustre, she’s looking forward to a nice vacay. “If I have time, I wanna go to the beach, go hiking, go camping, go out of the country. Basta a break from work”, she quips.



Wanna look as good as her in this hot and humid weather? Here’s what the actress/singer shared with us in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style!


Have a good hair care product.

Summer heat and styling, she said, take out the moisture and make her hair frizzy that’s why she makes sure she gives her hair the protection it needs. “I put coconut oil and argan oil in my hair.”



Cream Silk 
Damage Control Conditioner, SM Beauty


O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler,


H&M Sea Mist Salt Water Spray, H&M


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Go for simple make-up.

Nadine is known to play around with different makeup looks with her makeup artist Jelly Eugenio, but for the summer, she likes going au naturel. “As much as possible, I put on lip gloss, lipstick, eyebrows, then I just curl my eyelashes. That’s it.”

Photo: @nadine


Wear sunglasses.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes as you bask in the sun!


Cover-ups are important.

“Sometimes, it gets cold when you’re boating, it gets kinda cold when the wind is blowing. Usually, I put on pants. Big pants.”


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Bring a bag with you.

“That’s always my mistake. I always leave my bag at home then I realize I have a lot of stuff I need to bring with me so I put everything in someone else’s bag,” revealed Nadine. “At least have a beach bag where you can put all your stuff. For me, my must-haves are some tanning oil, speakers to blast my favorite summer songs Miami 82 by Kygo, Absent by SG Lewis, and a remix version of Let Me Love You, water, moisturizer, and my favorite pair of bikinis.”




Pick bikini tops that would flatter the shape of your body.

“Me, I have broad shoulders so I don’t like bikinis that cover the chest area because they make my shoulders look wider,” declared the local celebrity who has collaborated with H&M for the “Selected by Nadine” collection. Available in various styles and sizes for different body types, the pieces come in high-waist, one-piece, among many other things that could make you look better than ever.

Check out the "Selected by Nadine" swimsuits available at H&M:




Choose colors and designs that scream fun.

“Go for those that are super colorful,” suggests Nadine. “Prints are okay, too.” When asked about her favorite pieces from the collection, she was quick to point out the two-piece bikinis for their striking details. “Before I liked black, white, and gray but now, I like wearing colorful stuff na because I want to explore fashion more. I like wearing neon and bright colors now,” the singer mused, adding that she takes style inspiration from supermodel Bella Hadid who inspired her to wear saturated colors from the H&M swimsuit collection. “I love the two piece bikinis. I never wore orange before kasi it’s a bit saturated. Bihira. It used to be flat lang, but now, I enjoy it and love it so much.”




Get your hands on the newest H&M collection in collaboration with Nadine Lustre from March 14. Prices start at P599. For more info, check out H&M’s Instagram and Twitter at @hmphilippines