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New Year Closet Detox: What To Take Out For A Fresh Start

Another year, another wardrobe and closet inspection! In the first week of 2018, we’re usually focused on setting the right attitude that will hopefully pay forward for the rest of the days; so why not take this chance to shed some ‘unfashionable’ pieces. And no, we don’t mean trends (you do you!); we’re talking about unflattering pieces that really don’t do you any good.

Do you have these must-chuck items on your closet? Time to shed them!


Worn Out Clothes

Photo from Malka In The Closet

This is quite a given, but for some of us it’s just hard to let go. Holes in the fabric, irreparable rips, faded colours and slouching looks—the sure signs of clothes in their decay. Good for you for using it to its fullest. But as they say, out with the old and make room for the new. Since it’s the New Year, we highly recommend getting a new set of workwear to get you pumped.


Overly Ripped Jeans

Distressed, or Destroyed? 

We know distressed jeans are a hot trend right now (and we love it, too), but there’s a distinction between artful distress, and badly torn pants. If the rips and holes are practically gaping, showing more skin than denim, threads coming undone and sagging, then you’re better off replacing these. May we suggest some chic new trousers?


Too Short Shorts and Skirts

Out with obscenely short bottoms!

Overly mini skirts and shorts are not only unflattering, they are also incredibly inconvenient! Imagine walking and sitting around in constant worry that your underwear might show. Yikes! You’re better off investing in a nice day dress that’s versatile for all occasions.


Graphic Profanity Clothes


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How about a Gucci statement knit instead? 

Ok, we all go through some dramatic phases in our lives—no shame! But now that we’ve outgrown that, it’s time to make sure our fashion choices reflect it. Luckily, graphic tees are still in trendy and in abundance. So, it’s easy for you to replace that with something more appropriate and less offensive.


Dirty Bags

Photo from Coach 

Did you know that bags are one of the dirtiest pieces in a woman’s closet? Think of all the surfaces, floors and elements your handbags have touched. So if that bag looks a little worse for wear, it probably is. Investing in some leather care and cleaning products would do wonders to your bag collection! Cleansing, polishing and conditioning your precious pieces will not only keep things cleaner, but they will also preserve their luster.


Lead photo by @priscilladupreez