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Metro Travels to Lower Manhattan For This Chic Fashion Editorial

In a fast-paced city like New York, you can’t miss a beat. Switch up your style with these eyewear options

Working Girl On-the-Go 

No need to fuss over makeup, let your statement frames do the talking. 

Eyewear, MCM; top and skirt, both Kate Spade | Seven Barretto

Carpe Diem 

Let your style be noticed, but add a little mystery in your eyes. 

Eyewear, MCM; jacket, Coach | Seven Barretto

A Work of Art 

Love statement fashion? Don’t let your clothes steal the show, bring attention back to your gaze. 

Eyewear, Lacoste; dress, Tory Burch | Seven Barretto

Rush Hour 

Focus on the destination ahead, and let people know, you’re a girl on a mission.

Eyewear, Lacoste; Top, jacket, and trousers, all Tory Burch. | Seven Barretto

Looking Ahead

A moment of clarity deserves the perfect specs: Simple yet strong. 

Eyewear, Salvatore Ferragamo; Dress, Jinggay Serrag | Seven Barretto

Day Off 

Style never goes off-duty. Let your looks work while you go about freely. 

Eyewear, Salvatore Ferragamo; Dress, Daryl Maat | Seven Barretto

Be Fearless 

Lock in that arresting gaze with bold black frames. It’s the look that conquers all. 

Eyewear, Calvin Klein; top and dress, both Kate Spade | Seven Barretto

Keep Dreaming 

Never lose that sparkle in your eyes. So sport that statement specs that capture your glow. 

Eyewear, Calvin Klein; dress, Daryl Maat | Seven Barretto


All eyewear available at Ideal VisionCalvin Klein, Eastwood Mall and Glorietta 4 / Coach, Rustan’s Shangri-La / Daryl Maat, /  Jinggay Serag, +63917-8880554 / Kate Spade, Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 3 / Salvatore Ferragamo, Greenbelt 4

Photography: Seven Barretto

Creative Director: Eldzs Mejia 

Makeup: Jen Delica using Revlon

Hair: Maleyna Lomibao

Model Snow at Q Management New York

This article was originally published in Metro Magazine's September 2017 issue.