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Olpiana Andres Will Be Your New Go-To For Bespoke Womenswear

The “better half” of bespoke tailors Tiño, Olpiana Andres, will be opening its doors soon to cater to women looking for pieces that show off their own exquisite character.

Tiño has always been a go-to brand for bespoke menswear pieces—a brand fit for the tasteful stylemakers of today. After a decade of serving Filipinos with only the best tailor-fit piece, the owners—specifically, CEO Eilene Ramirez—realized that it’s time to expand and grow the family. Thus, we welcome Olpiana Andres.

Fondly calling the latest womenswear brand-on-the-block the “better half” of Tiño, Olpiana Andres offers the type of craftsmanship that the company has been known for—and so much more. “It’s about a bespoke character, yes. But in the end, it has a heart—it really personifies the ideal and what we desire and what we stand up for as women,” Eilene describes. 

With a great foundation and experience of growing the Tiño, the lady boss began nurturing her brain child when she felt, one day, that there’s something missing in what she does. Narrating her day-to-day life working for the menswear brand, Eilene points out how, while it didn’t really bother her adapting into the Tiño persona, she felt the need to be liberated.

“I told my husband, there must be something that I can identify with. It has to be more like me—more like a woman,” the CEO says. “I need to find a way of expression here in this room, so I can really sustain myself, still be here, and enjoy. To find that passion and meaning to this business.”

Merging their trademark craftsmanship with heritage, exclusivity, and genuine intention, each carefully hand-made apparel aims to inspire self-confidence and make women feel good in their skin. That instead of us trying to fit into our clothing, the clothing should follow our shapes instead.

Each tailor-made bespoke piece takes 75 to 120 hours to complete, assuring only the finest and most delicate work of art to complement any occasion or persona that you’re trying to achieve. Their Fall collection—officially available in store on September 30—parades chic and colorful designs that transcends the Filipina identity.

They have their suits, Safari jackets, their iconic Guayabera shirts, Filipiniana butterfly sleeves, and the camisa. They also carry bomber jackets, capes and overcoats—perfect for those who are planning to strut in local bespoke style for their upcoming autumn or winter escapades abroad.

“It makes me really fulfilled, not just because I'm creating good things—like real authentic products. But of course, in my head and in my heart, I'm trying to put a character into this person,” Eilene emphasizes. “It’s a representation of all of us.”