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On the '+' Side of Fashion Avenue


True to its slogan of being Fashion for Every Woman, SM Woman has continuously dedicated itself to providing the very latest fashion trends to Filipinas of every shape, size and color. If for too long now, we've elevated the skinny model as the ideal purveyor of showcasing what Fashion should look like draped on a woman's figure; SM Woman declares that there is no one standard that we have to adhere to. No matter what shape or size you may be, you have the SM-given right to indulge and dress up in the latest colors and styles

To demonstrate how this commitment can come to vivid life; SM Woman Plus looked for personalities who exemplify this verve of life, are passionate about their craft, and who cares if they're more than figuratively, 'larger than life'. Radha Cuadrado, Bituin Escalante, and Frenchie Dy are the celebrities tapped to represent SM Woman Plus; and as these images prove, being fashionable can be on anyone's state of mind.

First unveiled in an uplifting musical video that was uploaded on the SM Woman website December of last year; its great to see SM Woman extend their commitment to these vivacious, extremely talented women. While Radha and Frenchie Dy can be followed doing regular musical shows at various clubs & nightspots; Bituin shows her more dramatic side by being part of Himala - the Musical, the Sandbox Collective presentation that starts this Saturday, February 10. In Himala, Bituin plays the mother of Elsa.

SM Woman always adding plus'es to what they mean to Filipinas and Fashion