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Onitsuka Tiger And ASICS: "Stand With The Sun 2018"

Onitsuka Tiger and Asics celebrated the 100th birthday anniversary of their founder, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in an event in Singapore last September 21, 2018.


The KO100 series Asics Gel-Quantum 360


The “Stand With The Sun” campaign is inspired by the sunflower. Just as a sunflower is always facing the sun, Mr. Onitsuka’s greatest vision was to help younger generations to face their bright futures by bringing harmony to the mind and body through promoting the sports lifestyle.

The KO100 series is inspired by the colors and patterns of the sunflower and is reinvented from the historic shoe styles of Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS. As part of this campaign, a portion of the sales for this limited-edition series goes to Right to Play, an  organization that promotes recreational sports and exercise to improve the lives of children and communities worldwide.


“As you know, our Asics history, after World War II, Mr. Kihachiro  try to rebuild the society by promoting sports to the younger generations towards the healthy lifestyle. Our lifestyle comes from the healthy mindset. Just like the sunflower is always facing towards the sun, it will give you the positive feedback, the beliefs. So this is the entire concept of this event.” —Kenji Oh,  Manager for Brand Management Department, Marketing Division ASICS Corporation


The KO100 footwear line includes:

The Tiger Corsair: Modern running sneakers with a silhouette that debuted in the 70s.


ASICS? Tiger Gel-Mai: Inspired by the 90s fashion style with design technology for high-performance


ASICS? Gel-Quantum 360: Latest design in ASICS 360 with support and stabilization with GEL technology


“Every line is innovating when we launch a new model. We’ve changed a lot from the heritage model of the design. Before, it was black and white or red and blue, now you see all colorful  designs and elements. We still maintain our core strength, which is the performance, and we also want to innovate new designs to attract younger generations. “  —Kenji Oh,  Manager for Brand Management Department, Marketing Division ASICS Corporation


Display of Onitsuka Tiger and Asics designs dated from the 1950s to present


Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS has also partnered with Global athletes and influencers to tie in the brand’s heritage to the modern contemporary lifestyle. Some of them are Mr. Novak Djokovic, a Serbian Grandslam tennis player, Gwen Jorgensen, a professional triathlete and a US Olympian, and Steve Aoki, an American music producer who is one of the highest grossing dance artist in North America.


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