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Onitsuka Tiger Fronts Willow Smith In Their Cool, New Nature-Inspired Campaign

“I loved that we were able to align both of our energies and create something that promotes a positive existence in this world,” she says.

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger welcomes a new face to their ever-evolving label: enters artist Willow Smith, giving their latest campaign a new air of cool. Pictured in Onitsuka Tiger Fall/Winter 2020 pieces, Willow rocks pieces that fuse elements of pop, fashion, and the brand’s novelty, sportwear, in a look that feels so brand new.

"In this campaign, we expressed Willow’s natural beauty and strength as well as her love for the Earth which oozed from the bottom of her soul,” said Andrea Pompilio, Creative Director of Onitsuka Tiger who Metro.Style had the pleasure of meeting last year in Bangkok. The images highlight Willow in utilitarian looks, renewed sportswear, and pop art prints contrasted by a nature backdrop. The chunky-soled boots, which comes in balck and white, make for a hip alternative to any kind of boots we own today. 


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Like any Onitsuka Tiger collection, the pieces and inspiration are non-linear. And the same goes with their new endorser, the fusion of her creativity and humanism goes beyond any Generation Z or Millennial  aesthetic, making her and this campaign a totally different and energetic experience

See more of the campaign at the Onitsuka Tiger official site and their Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Onitsuka Tiger Philippines