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Othello: Joanna Preysler-Francisco's Latest Venture Into Art And Fashion

One fine Wednesday, I walk into this chic new boutique at the Power Plant Mall's new wing, the city's hottest spot at the moment—with new restaurants like Din Tai Fung, The Wholesome Table, and Glasshouse Harlan all in one area. Apart from the said in-demand restaurants, local designers such as Patty Ang have also opened her doors to the Rockwell community, to mall patrons' delight. One particular spot you have to make sure to visit though, is this boutique I'm talking about, Othello, the one where the lovely Joanna Preysler-Francisco was, and as I greeted her good morning before our shoot started, I knew I was in for a delightful time. 

Joanna, the lady behind her eponymous line of genuine croc leather bags, as well as fashionista boutique staples Tint and Carbon, has ventured into a brand-new retail concept Othello alongside her husband, businessman Raul Francisco. The dynamic duo opened Othello just last December, adding a welcome surge of fresh energy into Power Plant's fashion scene. Upon entering the store, you immediately get transported into a space that's carefully curated, every piece well-thought of, reminiscent of an art gallery if you will. This totally makes sense though, as the couple also own Provenance, an art gallery in Shangri-La Fort that champions local talent, among others. 

Joanna breezed through the shoot, changing into outfits, effortlessly looking amazing in each one. Her smile is infectious, and is reflective of her genuine spirit. Being around her assures you that this is a woman who is sure of who she is, and is not afraid to share it to the world. Consider each piece in the boutique an extension of her style, a charming mix of classy and edgy, styled with ease. We asked the lady of the hour about her vision for Othello, and this is what she had to say...


Joanna finds comfort in her wardrobe staples: A statement velvet robe, a sexy lace top, baggy tattered jeans, and signature jewelry. 


What is the concept behind Othello?

Othello is our multi brand lifestyle store, which is a cross section of all our boutiques: Carbon, Tint, Eterno, and the Joanna Preysler boutique. We also added an art component from the artists that we have grown to know & love from our gallery Provenance.


How is this boutique different from your past ones?

Othello is an edited, integrated version of all our boutiques, with a few surprises. The presence of art by young, contemporary Filipino artists has added a new & exciting dimension.


What are you most proud of with the launch of this new store?

I am most proud of the fact that we can, in our own way, support the cause of the local artist and present local concepts in a global way.  It’s really a labor of love, a commitment we have to execute things in innovative ways yet staying true to our DNA.


Joanna looks good in anything she puts on—here she throws a pastel leather biker jacket from her own line Carbon, over an all-black ensemble and a diamond choker.


Give us your top 5 must-haves from Othello.

A genuine croc bag, an embellished camou jacket, a lace dress, embellished jeans, and a painting by a local artist. "I could go on", she quips.


Describe the Othello woman.

The individual that comes to Othello is someone that is comfortable in his or her own skin, someone that appreciates items that are carefully selected and curated, oftentimes limited in quantity—definitely the next best thing to bespoke!


What can we expect from your brands in the coming months?

Our best is always yet to come. It’s a constant evolution, an intentional learning & growth, that  keeps us passionate about what we do. Each collection is preparation for the next. We are hands-on retailers that get to know our customers, whether at the stores or at the gallery, so we are just as excited when we know we are in tune with what they want, and we give them more than what they expect.

She finishes off her look with a classic pair of black Louboutin pumps


What are you most happy about with being in Power Plant mall?

I love the vibe at Rockwell - it’s fully integrated living at its best. Being at the Power Plant Mall is like coming into the world of those who live or work in the area, and it’s exactly the market we are speaking to.


Othello is located at the 2nd floor of the Power Plant Mall New Wing, Rockwell Center, Makati.
Produced by Kate Paras
Photography Doc Marlon Pecjo
Makeup Sam Tungul
Hair Francis Guintu for Revlon Professional