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Outfits You Can Wear To Work Inspired By The Holiday Trends

Around this festive time of the year, dress codes to work do tend to be a little laxer, allowing for a little flashier touch. Blame it on the celebratory spirit, but sometimes we even look forward to a more holiday appropriate outfit (and maybe even a party dress) in the office to lift up the mood.                                                         

More specifically, our favorite Christmas trend for outfits involves a play of light. Embellished fabrics, textured finishes and airy silhouettes, all mimicking the allure of the holidays. And yes, you can wear them to the office with just the right amount of chic!


Seeing Sequins


Personally, we think that every fashionista needs to try sporting a sequin outfit at least once—and Christmas is the perfect time try. All that bling is sure to pull all eyes on you, so best way to keep it under control is to top it off with a basic, non-textured, or non-printed piece.


Rich Velvet


Where light becomes a texture, there’s no denying the instant vibe of sexiness when we see velvet. Although an unconventional piece until recently, velvet is fast becoming a closet staple. The easiest way to try it out is to simply pick darker colors. Black, navy, brown or burgundy velvet pieces are subdued enough to wear to work, but unusual enough to stand apart from the usual office wear.


Metallic Moods


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It’s like having a spotlight on you constantly! Metallic, or even satin finish pieces have this liquid quality about them, shifting with your every move. It may seem too dressy for the office at first; but really, it’s a versatile piece on its own that can be dressed up, or down with the right pairing. When in doubt, always try the darker colors first!


Sheer Sights


No peep shows here! Sheer outfits have transitioned itself from a summer statement to a holiday trend, with a little bit more embellishments. The easiest sheer look that’s appropriate for work is usually just see-through on the arms. Think long-sleeved, gossamer blouses layered over a dark top. Feel free to layer as much as you want underneath, as it will just add to the elegance of the sheer texture. Plus, it’s the only layering piece that works well for humid weather! 


Lead Photo by @lovelypepa