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Oversized Mommy Bags That Can Pack A Ton While Staying Stylish—And Are Proudly Local, Too!

So, mommy bags. When we hear mommy bags, the first thing that comes to mind are huge and oversized tote bags, filled to the brim with essentials—a bag for cosmetics, another bag for gadgets and wires, another bag for your colored pens (uh, of course!), your oversized wallet, another wallet for your cars, another wallet for your calling cards, a pack of tissue, a packet of gum, a bottle of perfume, a bottle of water, a foldable umbrella, and a clear bag stuffed with hygiene essentials like you’re afraid you’re gonna have to supply the whole office their bathroom paraphernalia.

This writer, herself, is a self-confessed mommy bag lover. If she could just lug around a luggage bag just to be able to fit all her “essentials,” she would. Because mommy bags are not mommy-specific bags anymore. Of course your mom would totally love one, but there’s just so much use for an oversized bag! You can bring it to slumber parties, bring it work when you need to bring your laptop or a gazillion of paper files, bring it to the beach—the possibilities are endless.

But mommy bags are flat and soggy and overall boring to bring. We hear you, sister. That’s why we looked around for a couple of brands that can carry the weight you’re looking for (yes, pun intended).

Here are our favorite mommy bags from proudly local brands that can pack a ton, and stay stylish.



The brainchild of the creative trio Amina, Becky, and Rosanna Aranaz is the Aranaz brand, which features a sartorial collection of handbags handmade with sustainable Philippine-sourced materials. The brand has been particularly famous for its eye-catching tropical designs, that even royalty from all around the world were seen carrying a bag or two!


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Perfect for carrying tons of things—and for the summer season, too—is this Toucan tote from Aranaz' latest Resort 2018 collection. Tagged #TropicalHits, the Aranaz summer collection features fresh embroidered designs from tropical birds, pina coladas, and shells.

With the Toucan tote, mommy bags don't have to be so boring! To match with your gigantic Toucan tote is the cute Toucan pouch, perfect for your personal paraphernalia.

Check out the online shop here.


Zacarias 1925

Another proudly local brand that has made its way to the intetnational arena is Zacarias 1925. The brand has now touched down in fashion capitals all around the world. Recently, their bags were just spotted at the Paris Fashion Week, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, and The Museum of European and Mediterranean in France. In fact, they have stores all different continents all over the world!

Famous for their unconventional designs, Zacarias 1925 features a variety of woven and leather designs that come in different shapes and sizes. But for your mommy bag needs, check out the Rover Clylinder XL Carry-all in Honey Wicker, a beautiful mix of woven wicker and leather.

The Rover Clylinder is one of the designs featured in their A/W 2018 collection, and makes for a beautiful bag for your travel or workaday needs.

Check out Zacarias 1925's website here.



NiQua, pronounced as “Nika,” is a local brand that specializes on leather clutch bags and totes. Although their designs are not as intricate and explosive as Zacarias 1925, they offer classic silhouettes and textures that are easy to match and wear.


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One of their nicer bigger-sized bags is the Cornice Medium in Dark Mustard, a classic hand bag made from natural leather and natural materials. The bag opens nicely to reveal a spacious interior, and keeps your things secure, thanks to its brass frame enclosure.

To purchase NiQua, they have seasonal pop-up stores scheduled throughout the year, or you can conveniently order from their online shop,



For a more local and ethnic feel, check out the pieces by Northloom, a brand that highlights and uses the Ilocano abel, which is a handwoven fabric made by a dwindling group of weavers up north. Creating the fabric is painstaking and takes enormous work since each single strand is carefully weaved into the whole piece. A single 50-yard roll takes an entire month to weave, while an intricately designed blanket can take up to 4 months!

For packing tons of stuff for a vacay, check out the Totee, which is a huge 38x45 cm bag that can pack tons of stuff—even your laptop, even your dog!

Abel fabric is limited to ordering would have to be done through their e-mail, or the Northloom Facebook page. But with them, you’re not only getting a nice, natively Filipino bag—you’re also supporting keep the Ilocano culture and rich abel tradition alive.



Born from the passion, hard work, and years-long journey of Mai Mai Cojuangco is Demetria, a luxury leather bag collection that features Italian leather and excellent craftsmanship. Each Demetria bag is designed and handmade to perfection, and has been capturing the hearts of the Filipino elite because of its versatility and durability.


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One of the bags in their recently launched collection is the Sempre, a functional and classic-looking bag that is able to pack all your essentials. The bag is named after the Italian word “Sempre” which means “Always”—that’s how often you’ll be seeing yourself using this bag.

Right now, Demetria is exclusively available from the Idee clothing store, although Mai Mai wants to establish an online shop in the future to reach the bigger, international market.