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Penshoppe Denim Lab 2018 Pushes Classic Denim To New Heights

Timeless, versatile and always cool, denim is a fabric that has withstood the changes of fashion, evolving with the trends of the age. It suits everyone and every taste, allowing for various options: dark, distressed, high-rise, bleached, and more. This cool, flexible vibe is exactly what the new Penshoppe Denim Lab collection has to offer, capturing the free-spirit of denim, while re-inventing the staples to give us new ways to wear them.


Zayn Malik for #PenshoppeDenimLab2018



Penshoppe Denim Jacket, Php 1,199.00


Internationally acclaimed retail brand Penshoppe is about to fuel your denim obsessions to a whole new level. With new, re-imagined designs every season, the Penshoppe’s Denim Lab 2018 Collection is all about playing up the classic jeans, but this time with even more options, reflecting key trends and details to suit every personality.


Bella Hadid for #PenshoppeDenimLab2018


Penshoppe Oversized Tee, Php 599.00

Penshoppe Denim Skirt, Php 799.00


Featuring easy-to-wear pieces in daring silhouettes, expressing your style with denim has never been easier. From breezy chambrays to deep indigos, retro stripes to neutral tones and matte finishes, floating stitches and state-of-the-art accents, graphic prints and jacquard in aged finish—there’s some stylish type of denim for any occasion and style!


Dara for #PenshoppeDenimLab2018


Penshoppe Relaxed Fit Tee, Php 399.00


Penshoppe Vintage Slim Jeans, Php 2000.00



Nam Joo Hyuk for #PenshoppeDenimLab2018



Jordan Barrett for #PenshoppeDenimLab2018


Penshoppe Vertical Stripes Shirt, Php 799.00


Penshoppe Denim Coach Jacket, Php 1,599.00



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