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Say Hello To The Philippine Fashion Coalition And Know How It Can It Help All Fashion Professionals

Literally anyone in fashion can sign up for this right now!

The local fashion industry needs us now more than ever. The pandemic has harshly affected small to large scale fashion entities in the country and its alarming to know that the effects can scar the industry for a long time.

Thanks to a number of groups and fashion professionals who took the initiative to answer the industry’s cry for help, the all-new Philippine Fashion Coalition is now being put up in the country. The PFC is an alliance of all-Filipino fashion professionals including designers, manufacturers, retailers, brands, fashion show producers and event companies, fashion press and digital creators, models, model agencies, stylists, hair- and make-up artists, and the like. 

According to Amina Aranaz-Alunan one of the first fashion professionals who took this initiative to flight, PFC is an umbrella Business Support Organization (BSO) that advocates for all the needs and concerns of all fashion professionals. “PFC aims to be an inclusive ally when it comes to studying, proposing, and providing fashion industry policies to the government in order to aid its recovery, growth and to support its members” says Amina. 


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This movement answers the pressing need of the local fashion industry for long-term solutions and unfailing support. At the same time. PFC calls for all fashion connoisseurs, consumers, and enthusiasts to buy and support local! “We ask everyone to understand the value of Filipino products, promote and have pride in pieces and talents made from the Philippines” says Amina. 

You can now sign-up for the Philippine Fashion Coalition here

After signing up for the alliance, PFC will create a core working group with representatives for each sector. With this, the group will study ways where each can lobby for support initially during the post-pandemic phase, then after during the growth and development phase. 

There is strength in numbers and this is proven through years and years of movements including the ones we are currently in. In no time, the Philippine Fashion Coalition will have a roadmap for each fashion professionals' recovery and growth. 


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