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6 Celebs Reveal That One Piece They Stole From Their Dad's Closet

From button-downs, oversized blazers, to sneakers, here's why we're all so obsessed with the very pieces our dads wore back in the day.

Dad fashion has truly morphed into something so well-coveted through the years that it feels almost practical to get the most authentic pieces from your dad's closet. Why spend extra hundreds and thousands for another button-down, a straight-cut pair of denim jeans, or a men-sized blazer when you can sport tried-and-tested "fashion pieces" from your dad? 

In this Metro exclusive, we spoke to the industry's brightest and most creative innovators who turned their dad's clothes into their very own statement pieces. Isabelle Daza, Kelsey Merritt, Kiana Valenciano, Gab Gibbs, Sue Ramirez, and Kira Balinger spills their fair share of style confessions including their stories about the very pieces they stole/borrowed/received from their dads.

Isabelle Daza on Gabriel Daza

Photo from @isabelledaza

Through the years, Isabelle Daza has kept her dad's vintage Mickey Mouse watch as a token from her childhood.  Now a mom to Balthazar, Isabelle is yet to share this piece of family history to her son! She also recalls claiming her dad's Chuck Taylors, an iconic piece of every dressed down outfit. "He had corduroy Converse Chuck Taylors that I used to wear ALL the time" says Belle. We can definitely see her sporting day dresses with those pairs on especially during days when wearing elevated casuals is the only priority!

Kelsey Merritt on Philip Merritt

Photo from @kelseymeritt

VS Supermodel, Kelsey Merritt is a fan of her dad's sense of style. She likes how laid-back his dad is but he is always extremely polished on special occasions. "I still have one of my Dad’s white button up top. It’s been with me for years and is one of the staples in my closet" says Kelsey. She loves how oversized it is and she would often style them up with boyfriend jeans or a pair of jean shorts on casual days or even for her casting calls! As a memento, she also keeps a necklace given by her dad on one of her birthdays, Kelsey admits that it's still one of her favorites necklaces to wear.

Kiana Valenciano on Gary Valenciano

Photo from @kianavee

Kiana Valenciano's relationship with her dad is one of a kind. She not only shares the same talent and aura from her dad but they also share the same clothes and sense of style! "I’ve stolen too many clothes to count! The purple suit from my album cover was his along with other jackets, sweatshirts, and pants that have already found a place in my closet" says Kiana. Almost all of her statement jackets are from her dad and she often pairs them with more minimal pieces like jeans, tank tops, and tees. If she was home, Kiana has thought of giving her dad a nice strong watch for Father's Day. Nothing but a timepiece that will last a lifetime like this beautiful father-and-daughter bond!

Gab Gibbs on Janno Gibbs

Photo from @gabsgibbs

Gab Gibbs shares the same likeness and quirkiness from her dad. Her voice and creativity in makeup are staggering proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  She admits that she may have stolen quite a lot from her dad’s closet including a number of vintage jackets, hats, and sunglasses. “Most of the items are statement pieces so I’d normally do a monochromatic look. For one, he has a tan suede leather cropped moto jacket that I absolutely love! I would wear that with just a white shirt and flared jeans for the total '70s lewksays Gab. She also fondly remembers begging her parents to buy her a leather jacket inspired by Peyton from One Tree Hill. Her dad then resurrects an old leather jacket he has and Gab would prance around the house with a jacket 10x bigger than her! That just says so much about how colorful and stylish Gab's childhood is. We always love these hero stories from our dads! 

Sue Ramirez on James Peter Dodd

Photo from @sueannnadoodles

For Sue Ramirez, her dad's favorite polo is enough for her to remember him. "I always style this with a white cropped top and denim shorts or jeans" says Sue. She always keep her dad's polo within reach for cover shoots or when she wants to channel a more polished outfit. She also uses this piece to wear when she wants to dress up any casual ensemble. You can never go wrong with a nicely oversized fashion piece anyway!

Kira Balinger on Tony Balinger

Photo from @kira_balinger

Young actress and red carpet stunner, Kira Balinger shares a special memory during one of her ABS-CBN Balls. Kira remembers borrowing her dad’s blazer while she was in the makeup chair and she only took it off right before she dressed up into her gown for the night. “I think blazers are already, in a way, a staple piece and it amplifies every existing outfit you have” says Kira. When it comes to sentimental pieces, she keeps a jewelry set she received from her dad during her 18th birthday which she only reserves for special occasions. 

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