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EXCLUSIVE: This Local Brand Reimagined Its 25 Most Iconic Pieces And Gave Them A Modern, Wearable Take!

Roxanne Ang-Farillas was just an 18-year-old finance student in De La Salle University when she started one of the biggest fashion retail brands in the country.

The moment her then-boyfriend and now-husband Erickson Farillas surprised her with an 11 square meter stall in Greenhills Shopping Center, the stylish entrepreneur knew it was time to pursue her dream. She wanted to provide quality blouses to Filipinas, made by Filipinas. “The business had nothing to do with the course I was taking, but I’d always enjoyed selling,” shared Roxanne in an exclusive interview with Metro.Style.

With a capital of P80,000, Roxanne and Erickson joined together to launch their store in 1994. “Some people thought it was easy for us, because they thought that we used our parents’ money. But we didn’t. We worked on the business and learned by ourselves. It was challenging because we did everything on our own.”

From one tiny stall in Greenhills, the couple’s joint venture blossomed. Massively. Countless billboards, dozens of memorable campaigns, and 74 branches later, their label is now one of the most popular nationwide.  

This is how local fashion brand Plains & Prints was born.

The first Plains & Prints stall was located in Greenhills Shopping Center

Photo: Plains & Prints


The Turning Point

Despite their massive success today, the boss woman shared that they too experienced hurdles along their journey.

The RTW line takes pride in being an all-Filipino company. Shining the spotlight on Pinoy artistry, Plains & Prints encourages fashionistas to patronize local materials and designs. So when fast fashion brands started coming in the country, the entrepreneur admitted that keeping Plains & Prints relevant wasn’t a walk in the park. “The retail industry is very competitive,” Roxanne quipped. “We had to find a way to keep our clients interested.”

In 2002, they launched their first celebrity ambassador—none other than Metro Most Stylish Gretchen Barretto. “I remember seeing her on TV and thinking, I want her to be the face of Plains & Prints!” exclaimed  the Plains & Prints co-founder. According to Roxanne, securing Gretchen as their first endorser was a huge turning point for the brand— La Greta was a huge hit, helping the line gain awareness and brand recall.

Gretchen Barretto for Plains & Prints in 2002. | Photo: Plains & Prints


Since then, the RTW line began getting more celebrities to represent their brand. Paula Taylor was ambassador in 2010, and Liz Uy in 2013. In 2014, Anne Curtis became the newest face of Plains & Prints—the ambassador for the last five years. “I’m so happy to be a Plains & Prints girl,” shared Anne. “I can really say that my aesthetic matches theirs—their pieces are classic and timeless.”

It goes without saying that both celebrities and regular fashionistas have come to love the Plains & Prints aesthetic: everyday elegance, fit for the boardroom and beyond.

Paula Taylor for Plains & Prints in 2010. | Photo: Plains & Prints



Liz Uy for Plains & Prints in 2013. Photo: Plains & Prints


Anne Curtis for Plains & Prints in 2014 | Photo: Plains & Prints


Campaigns and Collaborations

Aside from getting endorsers that match the Plains & Prints DNA, the local brand is also known for its iconic collaborations with veteran Filipino designers. Since 2008, the brand has worked with esteemed local designers to promote Filipino talent. Big names like Vania Romoff, Mark Bumgarner, Rhett Eala, Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz, and Amina Aranaz are on the roster. Through these collaborations, Plains & Prints gives Filipinas the opportunity to get their hands on affordable and accessible designer pieces.




Now on its 25th anniversary, the RTW brand continues to create unforgettable fashion campaigns and provide classic wardrobe staples for the modern Filipina.





Timeless 25

To kickoff its silver anniversary, Plains & Prints recently launched its ‘Timeless 25’ collection, featuring thoughtful reinventions of the brand’s most iconic pieces. The 25-piece line celebrates Plains & Prints’ heritage and history, marrying the nostalgic styles of yesteryear and the modern trends of today.




“The collection celebrates the spirit of the brand through its most iconic artefacts, the prints and silhouettes that defined our aesthetic for many years,” says Roxanne. “The collection is a personal trip to memory lane, but it also aims to bridge the past and the future of the brand. It shows what timeless truly is: pieces that stand the test of time, and pieces that you will always be proud to have, no matter what.”


Gretchen Barretto donning a striped dress in 2008 Photo: Plains & Prints


A reimagined piece from the Timeless 25 Collection (2019). This was inspired by the dress Gretchen Barretto wore in 2008. ?Photo: Plains & Prints


See the Timeless 25 collection in this gallery. On the left are the reimagined pieces, and on the right are the iconic wardrobe staples of yesteryear:



True enough, in its 25 years, Plains & Prints has made a huge impact on the Philippine fashion industry, earning them a loyal fan base. “Sometimes, women would come up to me and say, ‘Do you remember me? I used to be your suki in your stall in Greenhills Shopping Center. I still have the first pieces I bought, and until today, I continue to support your clothes!’”, Roxanne smiles as she recalls the memory.

For the entrepreneur couple, Plains & Prints isn’t about profit. It’s about people.


Lead photos via @plainsandprints