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Post-Holiday Hacks: Clothes To Hide Those Extra Christmas Pounds

The first days of work are officially in motion—and let’s face it, we’re all a little heavier from the holiday feast. No regrets, though!

For sure, we’ll be dieting and exercising in the next few weeks ahead to get back in shape. But in the meantime, if you need a few tricks to hide some bulges, here are our wardrobe essentials to looking skinnier than we actually are.


Boots And Booties

These shoes are double the benefits! Not only do they make you look slimmer by adding some height, they also add some definition to your legs, thereby off-setting any disproportionate sizes in the mid-section.


Long Dresses


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Keeping a straight, flowing silhouette is arguably the easiest way to look slim, hiding any bulges or heavy sides with just a smooth cut.


Darker Colors


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General color rules, anything black and dark tends to reduce, or push-back shapes; and in retrospect, anything bright tends to make things pop.


Long A-Line Skirt


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If you want to look slimmer but also with some shape, a skirt or dress that’s tight just at the waist is enough to give you that sexy figure. Keep your top relaxed and flowing, too, to avoid any unflattering swells in the upper body.


Straight-Cut Cardigan


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Again with keeping a straight profile, layering with a straight-cut jacket, or cover-up, are another way to keep that consistent silhouette. It’s all about keeping things relaxed and flowing!



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