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A Dress By A Filipino Fashion Designer Is Now Displayed At LACMA

Alongside fashion’s biggest names, this designer is marking the fashion history one step at a time.

We are honored to become bearers of good news! A dress by Filipino fashion designer Puey Quinones was bought by Sharon Takeda, the Senior Curator and Head of the Department of Costumes and Textiles at LACMA. Puey Quinones is making recent history as the second Filipino designer who is to be included at the LACMA costume collection. Quinones shares that he is thrilled to be part of LACMA’s historic costume collection. “The idea of having my work preserved alongside greats such as Christian Dior, Madame Gres, and Alexander McQueen gives me goosebumps. I am so grateful that it happened during my lifetime.” 


The famed dress is a printed silk gazaar mini dress with draped pouf sleeves in a black and white hue. The dress was featured alongside his Spring/Summer 2020 collection that was held on August 20, 2019 at Redbird’s Cardinal’s Quarters, Downtown, Los Angeles. 

More from Puey Quinones' Spring/Summer 2020 collection:

Puey Quinones is currently operating an atelier in the Fashion District of Downtown, Los Angeles and a showroom in Bel Air 2, Makati, Manila.