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Mix Master Rachelle Sayed on Power Dressing

Rachelle Sayed toys between two polar opposites of the fashion spectrum. Call her a girl of extremes: On one end, she has clean-cut, classic pieces and silhouettes (Gucci Soho leather bags, cape dresses) and a punk rock, all-black edgy side on the other (Alexander McQueen skull scarf, Guns N’ Roses tees). Nothing stops her from merging these two archetypes through her own take of mixing and matching. “My first go-to thing would be tattered pants with a satin polo, and then I add accessories to change the whole feel. Like, [a pair of] bold earrings,” she says. She neither goes too soft nor too punk by wearing feminine pieces with a welcome surprise of an oversized men’s jacket or something with skulls. “I know I'm pretty classic in my choices of clothes, but I like to spice things up. Still subdued, and nothing too comfy.”

Rachelle rocks a band tee and pleated skirt look topped off with fiery red heels. Talk about edgy office chic!

This undeniably cool way of haphazard styling is brought up by the nature of her work. Rach handles marketing for seven of the most luxurious brands available in the country under Stores Specialists, Inc., which, just like her, have an obvious sartorial divide when it comes to brand essence. There’s Gucci, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta, and Stella McCartney on one side, and the more provocative ones like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Alexander McQueen on the other. How, then, does she represent brands that, apart from being the most luxurious of them all, have no actual common denominator?

This YSL bag is one of Rachelle's favorites among her wide collection of beautiful handbags

“They're all so different—from Gucci to Saint Laurent, to Givenchy. But it's fun to market them because you get to bring out different personalities of yourself in each brand,” she answers. And that is her secret: To be sartorially malleable enough, almost by way of osmosis, to morph into the brands she embodies.  

Fashion books, a chunky gold ring, and a classic gold watch - a true blue fashionista's must-haves!

Rach is your ultimate fashion girl, living an actual fashion girl’s dream job. But that doesn’t excuse her from the pressure that comes with it. “It is my job to know what's in, and to be updated with the trends,” as she lists them all down. And even if she markets all these luxe brands, take it from her when she says that working in fashion isn’t all about having the best of things, “the most expensive things” as she puts it. “It's more about taste, having a true eye for style,” she says.  

Break an all-white ensemble with popping royal blue details

On how a great interest in fashion helps you everyday…
“For any fashion lover, fashion really excites you. It makes you feel good when [it becomes] a way for you to express yourself. And a lot of it is depending on my mood or what I'm going to do for the day.”

On the added pressure of having to be on-trend for the job…  I personally am not one to really get into trends. It really depends a lot of how you carry things and how you know your body and on what works best for you. That’s how I go about it. I don't exactly break all trends. I accept some things that I know work on me. 

On the changing retail landscape right now… “I wouldn't really say it's changing. If anything, it’s doing really good because of social media. A lot more people are [being made] aware of all these trends, that everyone has the opportunity to be fashionable. Whether high end, mid-end or what, people want to just look better—to dress up more. They have more basis on what style is. So, it's doing well for the retail industry.

On her sage fashion advice… “You really need to know your body type, on how to dress [according to] your body. Know what works for you. You have to make mistakes along the way. It's a learning process, so try new things. There's no right, nor wrong, but it’s about and how to really be comfortable with your style.”

This feature originally appeared in Metro Magazine February 2017
Photographs Seven Barretto
Makeup Jed of Benefit Cosmetics
Hair Francis Guintu of Cynos
Shot on location at Central Square, Bonifacio Global City