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Rained On? Get Dry In 5 Emergency Ways From Top To Toe

The month of August is the time for a whole lot of rain in the Philippines.  Need we explain further given what’s happened to Metro Manila’s poor urbanites over the last weekend?  Still, despite incoming storms, the daily grind goes on, and classes get canceled way more often than work actually does, so we adults all have to deal. 

What’s to be done if you’re still expected to show up polished with a less than sufficient public transport system?   Here are five quick fixes you can consider.


Wet shoes? Thy friend is newspaper. 

Do not underestimate the quick absorption that newspapers provide.  While they still exist today, seriously, count your blessings.  Take strong advantage and pile up used issues and store in a dry place. They come highly recommended if wet shoes are your problem.  Simply crumple them up and stuff your wet shoes with them—after giving them a strong shake outdoors of course.


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Wet you? Always bring a medium Microfiber towel along, just in case. 

These little wonders beat your basic “bimpo” towel in a huge way.  Microfiber cloth is nowhere near as thick and heavy as regular towel material and attracts h2O from surfaces like magnets attract metal.  It can also come in handy if you’re wet through to your underwear—let us explain later.

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Wet hair? Head for the nearest clean restroom with a strong wall hand-dryer, or for more amenities, a hotel powder room. 

You may not have brought a hairdryer with you, but restroom wall hand-dryers are everywhere, in offices, malls, hotels, and restaurants.  Wait ‘till the coast is clear—if you still care at all whether someone sees—wring hair first, then bend over and make use of that hand dryer combing through your hair and scalp briskly with fingers. 

In case of an emergency, resorting to a hand-dryer may seem desperate, but it sure beats arriving looking like Allie in The Notebook after she said “Why didn’t you write to me? I waited for you for 7 years.” No need to play the part at your next meeting. If it’s a hotel powder room, they may have actual hairdryers available, but sometimes life’s a tease, don’t always count on it.


Wet Clothes? Back to the hand-dryer at the restroom, but not solo.  First, you need a friend. 

The ideal thing would actually be to strip off all wet clothing in a restroom cubicle, but you can start just by leaving your damp jacket—if you have one—in a strongly air-conditioned room somewhere, hopefully it might be dry by midday.  We assume you didn’t bring extra clothes so you’ll simply have to get yourself as dry as you can with your clothes on beneath the hand-dryer.  A more thorough method (which needs the friend) involves taking piece after piece, one by one to the hand-dryer (believe us when we say we did this, after rainy college rally flanking the U.S. embassy) while you wait in the cubicle.


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The drying your clothes bit is much easier if you have a friend to help you.You can be extra thankful if you’re wearing a dress that isn’t a maxi-dress, because that’s only one light piece to worry about drying.


Can’t be bothered with any of the above? Pack your clothes, travel casual, and dress into your actual work clothes when you get there. 

It may sound like a basic sense hack, but it is the truest and best advice.You might even get to work faster since you’re not going to be obsessed in trying to avoid getting your clothes or shoes wet and ruined while in transit.


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