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All That Glitters: Roberto Coin Is Now Open At Rustan's

Hailing from Venice, Italy, Roberto Coin has made a name for himself with his jewelry and accessories that blend centuries-old Italian craftsmanship with modern design techniques and innovative use of color and materials. From his Vicenza home base, where incidentally, more than 20% of Italian jewelry originates from, Roberto Coin has consistently created daring and talked-about pieces and collections since 1997. 


Roberto Coin, the man.


A Hotel Management graduate, at the age of 32, Roberto embarked on this dizzying entrepreneurial adventure that has married fashion with jewelry and accessories. If there is a succinct manner to describe his approach and design philosophy, it would be to say that Coin is a storyteller. He ‘signs’ each Roberto Coin piece with a small ruby set on the inside—this began with his Appasionata collection. It’s like a letter or message he’s imparting to anyone and everyone who acquires a Roberto Coin creation. The small ruby signifies health & happiness, and those are precisely his best wishes for the unsuspecting buyer.


At the new Silver Vault Roberto Coin counter at Rustans Makati


Roberto Coin’s Asia Sales Director Philip Grima was recently here in Manila to join Rustans Makati in celebrating the new Roberto Coin counter at their Silver Vault. The new 2019 collection was on display, and the pieces were fascinating, drawing appreciative oohs and aaahs from the invited guests. 


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A line featuring the signature Cento diamonds; Cento because of the 100 facets, were a big favorite. The Cento Bridal Ring with a Tulip Trilogy setting, comprised of three exquisitely mounted diamonds, was clearly a subtle, tasteful introduction to the Cento line, with wonderful matching earrings. 


Roberto Coin Bridal Ring In 18kt White Gold with CENTO Diamonds in Tulip Trilogy setting



My personal favorite was the Venetian Princess line as it daringly used black diamonds. The Hoop Earrings was made up of both Black and White Diamonds, placed against a Rose Gold setting. There was something baroque, Old World about the motif, and yet, given how it’s not seen often in contemporary collections, something unique, singular, and modern about it. The charm was unmistakable, and you sensed how they would be noticed and admired immediately. 

Venetian Princess Hoop Earrings with black and White Diamonds in 18kt Rose Gold


In 2013, Roberto Coin was awarded Best Corporate Social Responsibility Brand by Fiera di Vicenza. And in 2014, the Pois Moi Collection was awarded Best Italian Collection in the world. Numerous other accolades, both corporate and personal, have been bestowed on the brand, and the man behind the brand. 

Rustans has always been an arbiter of luxury, refinement, and taste here in the Philippine retail landscape. That they’ve developed and maintained a Roberto Coin presence is one great example of two brands understanding each other, and working together in tandem.


Donnie Tantoco, Dina A. Tantoco, Tokie T. Enrique’s & Arnel Patawaran At the Roberto Coin event


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