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Here's How You Can Own The Must-Have Sustainable Tote From Rockwell!

Sustainability may be a hot trend right now, but it's one that's sure to stay. Whether we like it or not, the painful effects of climate change is felt more than ever before, with unbearable heat and extreme weather bothering us on a daily basis. While we really don't like it, the question to ask is—what are you doing about it? 

The thinking "I'm just one person, what difference does it really make?" is one that's being challenged right now, by the simple fact that a billion people thinking the very same thing amounts to destructive results with effects we truly feel these days.

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The good thing is, we're in a position to make positive change with the simple choices we make on a daily basis. Whether it be swapping plastic straws for metal or glass ones, or choosing to not bring home plastic or paper bags (that you already have a ton of anyway) and opting to bring an eco bag instead—small choices truly add up to a significant shift in the consumer culture today.

Locally, lots of local brands have gotten into the sustainable movement, including the latest effort by top lifestyle hub Power Plant Mall in Rockwell dubbed "Tarp to Tote: The Rockwellist Tote 2019".


Photo: @powerplantmall


Until July 14, you still have the chance to own the beautiful upcycled tote with a minimum single or accumulated spend of P30,000 in participating Rockwell establishments. This bag is designed in cooperation with well-loved local bag brand ARANÁZ and social enterprise Rags2Riches, using upcycled tarpaulin previously used as promotional banners by the mall. Also used in these bags is jute, a rapidly renewable and durable plant fiber. 

"By using The Rockwellist Tote, you are joining us in our pledge to save our environment and create a more sustainable future."