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Romance Is In The Gown And In The Food With Bizu X Mark Bumgarner’s “Taste By Design”

June may be drawing to close, but we’re still on a wedding state of mind. Chances are, this exciting month just got would-be brides intent on planning their wedding for the upcoming bridal month later this year. Case in point: the uniquely sumptuous “Taste By Design” collaboration by Bizu Catering Studio, in partnership four of the top wedding designers for the season. The exclusive event is a rare tango of haute couture and gourmet food, which may seem outlandish until you take into context that it’s all for the good of weddings.


Mark Bumgarner with his gown creations and "Taste By Design" set


In a statement, the luxurious catering group reasons, “It is the perfect partnership because there are two things that can make or break a wedding—the wedding gown, and the catering menu.” We couldn’t agree more!

First of the four couturiers is celebrity designer and Metrowear talent, Mark Bumgarner, who is known for his regal ball-gowns and daringly feminine silhouettes.



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In a way, this food-and-fashion set up is a genius move to cater to would-be brides; it allows for more time, connection and socializing, all of which are key inspirations for a designer to truly capture the spirit of his bridal client. But of course, the food must also be fashioned to the designer.

“Bizu was very easy to work with.”, praised Mark, who is known to be very particular about the fine details. “We basically had a meeting [beforehand]. I showed them around my studio and my collection, so they get an idea on how to complement with menu. Basically, I wanted something romantic, and I was really impressed with the table set up and the dessert menu.”


Mark Bumgarner's Fall/Winter 2018 Bridal Collection among tasty treats


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And what a romantic combination, indeed. Not just in a typical wedding sense, but also in a subtle dramatic sense. The dark, velvety texture of the table cloths and cutlery bring sharp contrast to everything around it, from the chic European-inspired dishes, to the pristine white of the gowns. That, of course, and a carefully ordered set of exotic, white flowers. It is in many ways a true Bumgarner-style night.

And of course, hovering over the conversations and cuisine, are the dresses—perfectly poised around the guests so as to inspire daydreams. “My current bridal collection has different silhouettes to cater to different brides.”, explains Mark. “But I experimented on a few ball gowns without using beading or crystal embellishment. I also have gowns which didn't have anything lace applique, just beautiful cutting. And of course, there will always be my classic ball gowns, which is always, always requested by my bride clients.”



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On a final note though, Mark has one thing to say about this Taste By Design affair: Those wagyu cubes with cremini mushrooms and horseradish aioli are a must-try!



Photos are courtesy of Bizu Catering Studio.