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Rules Are Meant To Be Broken: All The Royal Style Protocols Broken By Meghan Markle

Ever since the announcement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement, the media frenzy surrounding the couple has gone off the charts—and with good reason. Meghan and Harry’s relationship has been an unconventional, but modern, fairy-tale as far as British royal families are concerned. Meghan in particular has been kept under the spotlight, as if her every move is some earth-shattering act of revolution—including her style choices.

Royal family fashion rules are generally unknown to the general public; the only time most of us actually hear about them is when they are broken. As you can already guess, since Meghan’s official introduction into the British royal family, she has overstepped a lot of royal style protocol—in a good way, in our opinion.

So what royal style rules has Meghan bypassed already? Check out these headline instances, and marvel at the fascinating style world of royals:


Too casual jeans?


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Okay, technically Meghan has not broken any royal style rules yet, because there was no official statement of their relationship during the Invictus Games, Toronto. Although Meghan’s merely adopting the popular ripped-jeans trend, ladies of the royal family traditionally must wear dresses (ideally below knee-level), and cannot wear something so casual as to show-off unnecessary skin. Sign of more style rule breaking to come?


No tights or stockings?

On November 27, 2017, news of Meghan and Harry’s engagement took the world by storm, with the pictures going viral. But apparently, Meghan appears to be bare-legged under her dress, which shocked royal experts. Stockings or tights under the dress turns out to be the one steadfast fashion rule under Queen Elizabeth II. We're guessing not this time?


Sheer dress for the engagement photo!

Another shocker for royal experts: Meghan and Harry’s iconic engagement pictorial depicts her wearing a gorgeous, sheer Ralph & Russo dress, which violates another cardinal rule in royal fashion: No sheer fabrics. It is a stunning dress, though, and it’s no wonder people don’t really mind as they gush over the romantic news.


No clutch?

During the royal couple’s visit to Nottingham, Meghan once again violated a traditional royal style rule: She brought with her a handbag with straps. Turns out, ladies of the royal family are encouraged to bring clutches in public events, as to avoid awkward handshakes with others. But here comes Meghan, in her now sold-out handbag, with her own hand extended first! Wow!


Messy up-do all the way!


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Recent photos of the couple together show Meghan sporting a messy bun in her head—casual, chic and totally trendy for the rest of us mortals. But for ladies of the royal family, hair must always by styled into a neat bun, or with incredible blow-outs. This style and beauty rule was believed to be very serious, as Kate Middleton had to abide by it constantly. But again, Meghan’s out to shake things up!


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