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#MetroMostStylish: Salome Uy's Fashion Tips to Make You Feel Good and Lucky This Year

Salome Uy shares her easy tips and tricks to ace 2020 in style.

The stylish businesswoman and self-confessed lover of Pinoy designers, Salome Uy guides us through her 2020 fashion mantras. Her picturesque and fashion-forward ensembles makes her the right woman to take fashion advice from. We asked Salome to share easy do's and dont's for this year. I mean anything to attract love, light, and life am I right? 

Tips on style:

Taffeta Goodness

Salome is currently obsessed with taffeta and she’s already on the looks of finding pieces to wear this year. She cheerfully shares a custom taffeta piece from Martin Bautista that she will be wearing on one of her special occasions this year. We for sure couldn’t wait to see it on a grand scale via Instagram!

Sneaker Galore

If there’s one thing we’re keeping from last year, it’s definitely those versatile sneakers we’re seeing everywhere. From runways to fast fashion brands, it’s safe to say that we just can’t get enough of these on-the-go stylish pieces. Salome swears by a good old sneaker pair with a bit of platform for extra height and confidence. Polish your stance with your own pair!

Pinoy Only

The feel good look good outfit is accessible more than ever with blooming local brands around the metro. With fleeting collaborations from one Filipino designer to another, it’s impossible to say you can’t find something you love in a local boutique. Salome proudly shares her love for Filipino designers and is more than excited for terno tops she will be wearing religiously this summer.

Tips on luck:

Red All The Way

It’s a no-brainer that red is the ultimate lucky color for Chinese New Year. Salome thinks its stylish to pair cherry red, burgundies, and orange reds with black for that extra edge, we couldn’t agree more!

Piyao Must-Haves

If you’re opting for accessories oozing with style and doubled up with bits of charm, beaded Piyao bracelets are for you! Each bracelet is personal as it depends on what charm you are vining with. Black beads symbolises strength, Rose Quartz beads are for love, Adventurine stones for money, and so on and so forth. Salome shares a recent trip in Ongpin where her gay friends hoarded on Rose Quartz beads in the hopes of looking for love in 2020, if we were on the same trip we would definitely do too!

Good Karma

Salome believes that at the end of the day whether you’re clad in charms or not, it’s important to be kind and good karma will eventually greet you on your way.