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Say Yes To These Top 10 Stunning Engagement Rings

Know anyone about to pop the question, or perhaps, you want to drop a few hints? We’ve been scouring the most luxurious jewelry lines on the hunt for the most coveted engagement ring. We’re talking high-shine and dazzle! And yet, despite the commonalities we want in an engagement ring (luxurious, elegant, and quality craftsmanship), there are so many variations in style, some of which you might prefer more.

So if you feel like gathering inspiration for your ring, here are some of our favorite pieces from our favorite jewelry houses:




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Fancy a solitaire style, but want it more fancy? The Cartier Destinée Solitaire can do that with added diamond rims and a luxurious red box!


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De Beers


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A timeless brand with a modern take on diamond rings, De Beers’ Classic Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring with tapered baguettes will just take your breath away!



Tiffany & Co.


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Like to match your engagement ring and wedding band? The Tiffany Harmony rings packages them up nicely with that trendy blue box—a sure sight to woo any lady.


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If you’re more into intricate patterns on your engagement ring, the Crivelli Bridal collection offers different styles that diamond studded shape.



No fuss, just good quality, the Chopard True Love Rings is the quintessential engagement ring: fine material, straight-forward design and a stunning diamond. (Photo via Chopard)



With the recently hot trend of gemstones, would you dare to switch the diamond for something more colorful? Boucheron’s Beloved Solitaire offers alternatives in emerald, sapphire and ruby for that truly trend-setting bride. (Photo via Boucheron)


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Chaumet Paris


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A ring that’s fit for an empress! The Chaumet Josephine Aigrette Impériale is their signature, decadent cut that’s reminiscent of crowns.




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Obsessed with getting exotic diamonds? Then you will surely make a big statement by opting for one of Graff’s yellow diamond engagement rings.



David Yurman


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If you’re more into the style of the ring band, then David Yurman’s bridal collection will offer you more intricate options. We’re especially eyeing the Crossover Pave ring for a truly unique piece.


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Only for the truly meticulous and intricate, Verrgaio rings are the maximalists of engagement rings. Embellish to your heart’s desire!



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