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Get To Know: Joseph Vergara, Visionary Behind Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry

We’re taking cues from Metro cover girl Ellen Adarna for Mother’s Day inspiration—her go-to choice is Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry. Let’s get to know the creative behind the exquisite jewelry

Diamonds are precious for the simple reason that these are, as they say, “forever”—a jewel that lasts for generations, and a symbol of never-ending beauty and love. It’s easy to surmise how its allure continues to forge timeless collections from craftsmen all over the world: Its value won’t ever cease.

Maybe it's what Joseph Vergara found when he decided to pursue the fine jewelry business one fateful day. Growing up with a family who are into various businesses, walking towards the same path is an obvious choice. However, it’s in the face of difficulties that this jewelry maker unearthed the niche he’ll find himself venturing into eventually.

“It started when one of our family businesses, a pawnshop business, was in a state of bankruptcy,” Sep tells Metro.Style. “I decided that I had to do something because I was close to our employees there. So I said, why not try appraising the diamonds and the jewelry?”

And from there, his fascination with diamonds grew. “I even studied diamonds abroad so that I can master the art of what a diamond is,” he proudly shares. After successfully graduating from a certification class from the  Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most well-respected and renowned diamond grading entity in the world, he began making finely-crafted statement pieces online, particularly on eBay.

His empire, Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry, has since flourished since its establishment in 2008. Fast forward to present, the brand has been the piece de resistance of countless engagements and weddings, and more—not just locally, but also abroad. The brand, indeed, represents Filipino artistry in the international arena.

What makes it a total stand out from the rest? It’s all about careful preparation and a thoughtful design process. Sep explains, “Whenever I’m buying a diamond or a gemstone, I think of the best design for it. When I’m with a client, I check: What’s her personality, what’s her liking—those things, to come up with the perfect piece.”

Just this month, he unveiled the new muse that embodies Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry’s character—actress Ellen Adarna. More than just a pretty face with a gorgeous physique, this femme fatale champions inner strength and authenticity.

“Ellen is our top choice,” Sep emphasizes. “She represents a modern woman who is independent, carefree, and mentally strong. It’s the same vision with Sep Vergara—to celebrate women empowerment.”

Return of the Rebel Muse: The Newly Engaged Ellen Adarna Is Back


Return of the Rebel Muse: The Newly Engaged Ellen Adarna Is Back

As for their freshly-launched platinum line, now available in their stores in Pasig and Pampanga as well as online, the pieces showcase an even more premium experience: A certain beguiling sparkle that you’ll want to wear and keep forever by virtue of the intrinsic qualities of platinum.

“I’ve observed that platinum jewelry is not yet famous here in the Philippines. But I want these pieces available here, so that people would know the benefits of the platinum jewelry,” he adds.

Whether you’re a curious jewelry collector, or someone who believes in the treasuring one-of-a-kind gem, or in search for the perfect Mother's Day gift, there’s something in Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry that will redefine the meaning of ever-lasting for you.

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