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Shades In Sports: The Right Pairs To Wear For Stylish Games

When it comes to sports, we rarely ever think of the fashion statements done by athletes, but when we do, we know that what they wear are highly specific, and requires a level of quality as these pieces aren't just worn for style, but for function as well.

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Part of an athlete's ensemble is eyewear, and while it completes the aesthetic, have you ever really wondered what kind one must be wearing for sports events? While it may be tempting to grab the next pair of shades you see at the mall, think twice because this pair has to serve a specific need, depending on what sport you're playing. Lacoste as a brand, caters to sports enthusiasts, and has a beautiful selection of apparel and accessories made for the games. Check out these top considerations when purchasing your next pair:

  • The pair has to be lightweight, so as not to be burdensome to wear;
  • Opt for shapes that wrap around your head, or are curved to give a better grip. You don't want the pair to keep falling as you move;
  • Opt for Polarized lenses to reduce unwanted glare from surfaces; 
  • Check for UVA/UVB protection;
  • Try the pair on to see if it's comfortably sitting on your face;
  • Go for easily adjustable pairs;
  • Should feel like it's barely there.



Get ready to play tennis with style with our René Magnetic sunglasses.

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Check out our top picks from Lacoste Eyewear's pairs:



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